Our members were all-in as the oil patch rallied in 2021
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INK Research provides cutting-edge tools that use insider sentiment and activity to identify growth and value opportunities in volatile markets.

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Multiple highlighted stocks have become top winners!
Top Stocks in 2021
Report Date Stock Return
February 1, 2021 Crew Energy (CR) +321%
July 2, 2021 POSaBIT (PBIT) +310%
January 7, 2021 Foran Mining (FOM) +278%

Top Dividend Paying (non resource extraction) Stocks in 2021
Report Date Stock Return
March 9, 2021 Tree Island Steel (TSL) +83%
March 2, 2021 CI Financial (CIX) +48%
March 6, 2021 Bank of Montreal (BMO) +41%

Returns from Report Date to December 31, 2021
Identify insider activities quickly
Searching through the SEC & SEDI database can be a time-consuming and costly task. INK strives to save you time and money. Using our patent-pending filter bar technology, you can find:
  • Stocks and sectors with the most insider buying and selling over different periods
  • Buying and selling by individual insider
  • Stocks with share buybacks
  • Stocks with buying and selling by 10% holders
  • Many other situations by specific transaction or holding type

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INK is focusing on building a collaborative community called Vivaville. This is where we meet to discover opportunities across the digital and real asset worlds by interpreting insider and fundamental data. You can find out more about Vivaville or join our Vivaville discord to get involved now.

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Payment Method Price*
Annually by credit card or cheque $3,000 + tax
Monthly by credit card $299 + tax
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$2,000 + tax
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Free INK Research Memberships

INK is sponsoring a limited number of free memberships if you are willing to help build Vivaville. We are looking for:

  • Software developers familiar with or willing to learn RUST
  • Lawyers interested in working on a DAO
  • Anyone willing to make an active contribution to INK Chat or community Discord
  • Those able to raise our profile on social media
  • Anyone with energy and great ideas to help build our community

If you are interested in a free sponsored INK Research membership, join the VivaVille Discord and request an INK sponsored membership in the #sponsorship_application channel. Sponsorship eligibility is at INK's discretion.

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