INK stands for Insider News and Knowledge. Our Company Insider Alert service is built on the legally reported buying and selling of North American public company executives and institutional investors (10% security holders). CIA Interactive is a distinct subscription service that allows your portfolio to benefit from the tendency of insider buying and selling to outperform the market.

CIA Interactive
Non-professional users:
$861.35/year or $79.35/month*
Professional users:
$999.35/year or $90.85/month*
CIA Institutional
Non-professional users:
$1240.85/year or $113.85/month*
Professional users:
$1378.85/year or $125.35/month*
14-day $2 trial granted to first time users

(see important information below)*
exclusiveINK Ultra Money Premium
Subscriber only videos from Real Vision & INK Research
INK Ultra Money Free
Selected videos from Real Vision & INK Research
exclusive INK Edge ® Outlook
We rank each North American stock based on Valuations, Insider commitment and Price momentum trends.
exclusive Monthly INK Edge ® Top 40 stock report
The 40 top ranked stocks in Canada based on their INK Edge ® ranking.
exclusive Monthly INK Edge ® Top 30 Energy stock report
The 30 top ranked Energy stocks in Canada based on their INK Edge ® ranking.
exclusive Monthly INK Edge ® Top 20 gold and precious metals stock report
The 20 top ranked gold and precious metals stocks in Canada based on their INK Edge ® ranking.
SEC & SEDI Filings
A complete list of transaction details for each US & Canadian reporting issuer.
exclusive Detailed INK Screening
Search through daily filings with our custom filters to find North American stocks with buying or selling.
exclusive Customizable INK Alert Portfolios
US alerts are sent within minutes of a filing and during the work week Canadian alerts go out every hour during the day.
CA: 150 tickers / 3 portfolios
US: 300 tickers / 3 portfolios
CA: 500 tickers / 5 portfolios
US: 800 tickers / 5 portfolios
CA: 75 tickers / 3 portfolios
US: 225 tickers / 3 portfolios
exclusive INK Sector & Industry Indicators 
See our exclusive indicators for North American markets and sectors.
exclusive Insider Stock INK Chart History 
Get a graphical overview on the date and price insiders buy or sell a company stock.
2 years 5 years 2 years
exclusive Canadian & US Top INK Filers Tables
Receive filing lists in a daily email based on custom criteria.
3 5 3
exclusive Canadian INK Players List
Monitor trades by specific corporate executives.
25 100 25
exclusive Canadian Morning INK Report
Daily stock highlights
exclusive Canadian Market INK Report
Insider sentiment readings for markets and sectors.
exclusive Canadian Widely Held INK Stock Report
Intra-day tracking of widely held stocks.
exclusive Canadian Rolling Bias INK Report
Track insider buying or selling over time for a particular stock.
Canadian Issuer Filings Download
1-year filing history in excel. 1 company at a time.
- 50 issuers per month 5 issuers only
Spreadsheet format filing alerts and portfolio filing downloads
- Available with CIA Institutional+ -
Daily, Weekly or Monthly Insider Commitment Canadian Stock Rankings (Excel Format)
- Available for additional monthly fee -
Eligible for INK Research Chat invition

* Taxes extra and prices for the INK CIA Interactive and Institutional are in Canadian dollars. Please note, the trial is only available to first time users (including teams within the same firm) and a valid credit card is required. The trial is not available on other INK operated websites. Your subscription will default to the CIA Interactive or CIA Institutional (depending on what you select at sign up) at the end of your trial period or unless cancelled before the end of the trial period.We do not provide refunds. All subscriptions including trials renew at the end of the current term unless cancelled before the end of the term. If you forget to cancel and subsequently ask us to refund you, the answer will be no. If you want free data and content, please visit If you proceed with the trial, please make sure to select either a monthly or annual subscription upgrade plan (CIA Institutional+ is only available on an annual basis).

Read this about how to cancel. Unlike many websites, cancelling is easily done via the My Account page after logging in (do not phone us, email us, or use the contact form to cancel, please use My Account after logging in). Once cancelled, a subscription will terminate at the end of the current term. If you do not cancel your account and the the credit card cannot be processed, you are still responsible for payment. A credit card expiring or having your card on record being replaced by the card company cannot be relied on as a cancellation. If you have services on other INK websites, each account must be managed on the relevant website. If you have an account on or, cancelling your account on will not change the status of your account on the other websites.

† Please contact us directly before signing up if you would like to pay for a one year subscription by invoice instead of credit card. For soft dollar payments, please contact us directly to discuss any potential arrangements. Soft dollar and invoice payment not available for special rates. We can provide discounts to an organization that wishes to sign up more than five users at one time.

$2 (plus tax) 14-day trials are offered once per user. The first day of the 14-day trial period starts on the day you sign up. The trial is measured in calendar days, not hours. If you sign up for a $2 (plus tax) 14-day trial more than once, we will charge your account for the selected upgrade plan.

Discounts for INK plans are available when memberships are paid in Litecoin.Contact us for details via INK Chat or the support chat bubble after logging in (if you are not a member, please sign up for an INK Trial to chat with us. You can also try contacting us through @inkresearch on Twitter or add user TedDixon#6095 as a contact on Discord).