Actionable and Valuable
CIA Interactive subscribers are the first to get our analysis of insider buying and selling and the first to get INK alerts. A single Morning INK or Market INK report or email alert can easily pay for a subscription many times over. In addition, CIA Interactive saves you time by making it easy for you to plough through reams of North American insider data. To our knowledge, INK is the only source to provide as-they-happen email alerts for both SEC and SEDI insider filings.

We are convinced you will find that CIA Interactive offers a high degree of value and will form a key foundation to your investing strategy.

The INK Edge Outlook is a great tool that investors can use to help identify opportunity and risk. The INK Edge Outlook ranks a stock based on VIP criteria: valuations, insider commitment and price momentum.
  • Sunny (most favourable)
  • Mostly Sunny
  • Mixed
  • Cloudy
  • Rainy (least favourable)

  • The INK Edge will only highlight stocks that meet our quantitative screens. The objective is to make the application both a source of new stock ideas and a tool to assist with investment monitoring.

    Watch a video explanation of INK Edge outlooks

Every month we publish the INK Edge Top 40 stock report which lists the Canadian stocks that rank highest on our VIP criteria. We also publish monthly Top Energy and Top Gold & Precious Metals reports which provide you with the top ranked stocks in those key Canadian resource groups.