An Independent Financial Information Company
INK Research Corp. (INK) provides Insider News and Knowledge to investors. We are an independent Canadian-based financial information firm. We launched our business to provide commercial monitoring and research on insider trading reports in Canada and have since expanded our coverage to include US markets.

In 2014 we entered the index services business with the launch of the INK Canadian Insider Index which tracks 50 value or momentum stocks listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange that are preferred by insiders.

Our services, which are available through subscription, strive to give investors, analysts, advisors and institutions an edge through better access and understanding of insider reports. INK is not an investment advisor. We do not offer opinions on which securities to purchase or sell, nor do we offer advice on portfolio management strategy.

Provides Important Daily Analysis
Security regulators now require corporate insiders to report their trades within two to five days of each transaction. INK helps investors make money by putting these transaction into context. At the company level, insider trades are assessed in conjunction with stock valuations and price trends. At the sector and market levels, insider activity is monitored to assess what the smart money is signalling about valuations and risk.

We offer an easy-to-use interface that speeds up the task of performing due-diligence on companies. Because there are thousands of insider reports filed each week, we save time by alerting you to filings that are most relevant to your needs. We do that through our proprietary filter-bar system (patent-pending) which allows you to cut out filing noise.

For institutions, INK can be an essential tool to access insider information for their investment processes, due diligence and internal reports.

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