To make the most out of your subscription to INK Research, there are three important aspects of the service to use.

Investment Idea Pages

Whether you are looking for new investment opportunities or monitoring existing holdings, key pages to visit include:

INK Edge® Outlook - North American stocks ranked on basis of valuations, insider commitment and price momentum.

North American Screening - Search for specific insider filings or marker trades up to the past 10 years

North American Company Profiles - Insider trading and holding summaries for any US & Canadian publicly listed companies

Canadian Morning INK - Daily morning letter with actionable ideas

Canadian Market INK - Weekly overview of market trends and daily insider sentiment updates

Canadian Top Filers Report - Alerts for stocks with the most insider buying or selling

Canadian Players List - Track filings made by insiders you selected

TSX/TSX Venture Marker Reports - Heads up on the latest trading day's insider activities

Filter Settings

The INK filter bar allows you to control the type of insider information you retrieve when looking at companies, filer reports, screens, portfolios and players lists. In particular, you can decide what you want to see in terms of:
  • Transaction Nature (e.g. open market)
  • Security Type (e.g. equities)
  • Insider Relationship (e.g. officers and directors)
  • Ownership Type (e.g. All)
To select the type of information you want to see in each category, click on the category heading, and make your selection. If you pick "Select all," you will get all the filing information for that category. The results could be quite large, so you may wish to narrow down your filters, depending on your needs.

For example, if you are only interested in seeing public market buying and selling, click on the Transaction Nature heading, and make sure that you only check "P - Open market purchase" and "S - Open market sale" for US stocks and "10 Public market" for Canadian stocks.

With thousands of insider transactions filed every month, our users find this filtering tool to be a valuable time saver.

Portfolios and Email & Alert Settings

INK portfolios allow you to track insider activity in specific stocks. Add issuers to your portfolios to be alerted via email when they have new filings that match your watch criteria or if a marker trade takes place. Use the filter bar for each portfolio to set your watch criteria. Alerts for US stocks are sent within a few minutes of the filing being made with the SEC.

Your Player's List allows you to custom track the filings of specific insiders and be alerted by email when new filings emerge that match your criteria.

You can control which reports and alerts to receive by email. The most convenient place to manage which emails you receive from us is in your Email & Alert Settings found in My Account (link in top-right once you login).

You also have the ability to set up a secondary email which can be used for mobile devices by selecting the text option.