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INK Videos Oct 28, 2021
INK Ultra Money Free: BioVaxys insiders bet on the haptenization of cancer and covid
During the last week of October we put the Healthcare sector in the spotlight. On Wednesday, we ventured into the biotech space where BioVaxys (BIOV) insiders are betting big on their firm's novel approach to tackling cancer and COVID-19. Join us as a Canadian Insider or INK Research member as we let the insiders guide us to opportunity this fall.
Oct 28, 2021
The Exponential Man
Clearly, this Exponential Age series HAS to feature one of the greatest and most influential thinkers around exponential technology – Peter Diamandis. Peter saw this all coming a long, long time ago, starting with space and then exponential technologies such as AI, computational power, 3D printing, genetic science, 5G, 6G, blockchain and lots more. His focus has now shifted to another exponential trend: the science of aging and the technologies that can unlock a step in longevity. His list of accomplishments are ludicrous, and he has the ear of everyone from Elon Musk to Tony Robbin. It is clear why. He has a unique understanding of the future. Having Peter on Real Vision was a long-term ambition of Raoul’s since the very early days. It has finally happened, and Raoul wastes no time in digging into all the main pillars of Peter's work. They come out with lots of useful tips to stay on top of all of the information needed to navigate and invest in this world, along with tips for longevity. There is so much in this interview that it’s tough to get your head around, and they only scratched the surface of Peter’s knowledge! Expect this conversation to continue in the years ahead... so we can all take this exciting journey together with Peter and Raoul as our guides. The three websites Peter mentioned to stay on top of these trends are: www.futureloop.com, www.longevityinsider.org, and www.Diamandis.com Filmed on October 18, 2021.
INK Videos Oct 27, 2021
BioVaxys insiders bet on the haptenization of cancer and covid
We are continuing with our mini-series on Healthcare stocks by venturing into the biotech space. BioVaxys insiders are betting big on their firm's novel approach to tackling cancer and COVID-19.
Real Vision Feb 21, 2022
Are Venture Capitalists the Heroes We Need?
Wonder what the world will look like in 50 years? Seth Bannon has a vision for at least the next 10. The founder of venture capital firm Fifty Years, Bannon believes it’s possible to make money while also doing good. That’s why he’s backing ventures that aim to solve the world’s most pressing issues. Areas like space technology and synthetic biology are exploding, and Bannon thinks these industries will transform society within the next decade. Bannon spoke to Real Vision’s Maggie Lake at the iConnections conference in Miami, where they discussed why venture capital has lost its way and how he’s getting it back on track.
Mar 07, 2022
Is It Possible To Solve This DeFi Nightmare?
The recent $320 million Ethereum-Solana cross-chain hack – the second-biggest exploit ever, behind the $600 million Poly Network theft – is only the beginning, according to Corby Pryor, venture partner at HOF Capital. A former academic who studied quantum physics and designed neural networks, Pryor went all in after dabbling in crypto investing in 2017. A talented computer scientist, Pryor has identified a key vulnerability in the DeFi ecosystem, particularly in cross-chain interoperability. He discusses potential solutions, his unique perspective on venture capital based on his experience in physics, and a fascinating concept he calls “decentralized time” with Real Vision’s Ash Bennington. Recorded on February 14, 2022.
Real Vision Dec 30, 2021
Space -- The New Exponential Frontier (Best of 2021)
2021 was the year of civilian space travel, and in this ‘Best of Essential’ interview, NASA veteran Leon Alkalai gives insight into the booming space economy. People think of the space industry as the race between three billionaires, but that’s just a small part of what’s going on. In this mind-blowing interview with Raoul, Alkalai, CEO of Mandala Space Ventures, takes us through his journey from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab to the private sector where space mining, travel, and real estate are becoming hot opportunities for investors. Recorded on September 10, 2021.
Sep 16, 2021
Space -- The New Exponential Frontier
It is not often that Raoul is left speechless, but this interview is one of those where you can see his mind being completely blown! It will likely do the same to you... People think of the space industry as the race between three billionaires, but that is just a small part of what is actually going on. The interstellar world is becoming a gigantic industry and the progress is truly exponential. Leon comes with decades of experience from the Jet Propulsion Lab at NASA, which is at the forefront of space travel and cutting-edge technologies. These technologies have now been adopted by the private sector and, by the next decade, we will likely have a space station on the moon, space mining and an exponential rise in space travel. However, space travel is only one piece of a much bigger idea to create space networks and other opportunities leading to Space As A Service, an idea in which Leon is an early investor. This is one of those interviews where everything you think you knew is upended, and it will leave you amazed at the speed of technological innovation and what it might mean for the future of humanity. Filmed on September 10, 2021.
Real Vision Feb 04, 2022
In This Great Power Conflict, China's Grand Strategy Is Clear
The best way to understand China’s posture toward the U.S. is to read President Xi Jinping’s speeches to internal audiences, not messages delivered in international settings such as Davos. That’s according to Matthew Pottinger, current Distinguished Visiting Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution and former Deputy National Security Advisor during the Trump administration. Pottinger joins Kyle Bass, founder and chief investment officer of Hayman Capital Management, for a discussion of the Middle Kingdom’s grand strategy amid a simmering “Great Power” conflict. Xi recently praised Mao Zedong for fighting a preemptive war against the United States on the Korean Peninsula, noting he was willing to destroy his own nation in order to begin anew. Xi, according to Pottinger, is serious about “throwing one punch” to wreck capitalism and topple western-style democracy. In addition to shedding some light on China’s response to COVID-19, Pottinger offers his thoughts on how the U.S. can counter China’s global ambitions.
Nov 18, 2021
"In a Starved Universe, Bitcoin Offers Growth."
“I came to this space as a technologist," says Haseeb Qureshi, the managing partner at Dragonfly Capital. "The way that I understand the value creation in crypto, a lot of it comes from foundational innovation in technology. Bitcoin itself was a computer science innovation and a distributed system innovation just as much as it was a monetary innovation.” In this interview, Qureshi offers his views on Bitcoin and technical expertise on cryptocurrencies and capital allocation. He adds, “Bitcoin is not going away, it is becoming even bigger.” Qureshi argues that, in a universe that is starved for growth, cryptocurrencies are one of the few areas that everyone knows is going to grow. With the acceleration toward the use of cryptocurrencies, Qureshi’s job as a venture capitalist has become even more difficult. A company must provide utility to be investable, and utility can be even harder to spot in a market frenzy such as what we are seeing in cryptocurrencies. In this interview, Qureshi explains how he uses his technical background to set apart the valuable companies from the coins with no value, or “sh**coins,” as many call them. Interviewed by Ash Bennington on November 12, 2021.
Real Vision Nov 04, 2021
Transforming the Treatment of Mental Health with Psychedelic Medicine
We’re in a psychedelic renaissance. Rather than using Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) to manage symptoms, a new approach at Field Trip Health is trying to get to the root causes of mental health conditions. Field Trip Health co-founder and chief clinical officer Ryan Yermus and Field Trip Health VP of healthcare practice Matt Emmer are working together to use psychedelic medicine, like ketamine, and trained therapists as an alternative to SSRIs in treating mental health conditions in order to transform this field of medicine. Their innovative approach to mental health treatment is also reflected in their development of novel molecule FT-104, which offers the promise of a shorter, guided psychedelic trip, allowing for the experience to be more accommodative for patients, and widens the landscape for business development due to its proprietary nature. Interviewed by Ash Bennington on October 29, 2021.
May 24, 2021
The Future of Digital Communities: Social Tokens, Creator DAOs, and Web 3.0
Jarrod Dicker, writer, investor, and technologist at darkstar.mirror.xyz, joins Real Vision co-founder and CEO Raoul Pal to share his thoughts on how blockchain technology will transform digital communities as we know them. Dicker argues that digital wallets will serve as the passports of the new Web 3.0, which will empower creators as well as consumers of content to interact in new ways and create unique layers of value such as using social tokens to bypass paywalls and access subscription-based content. Dicker shares with Pal projects he is excited about such as Mirror, Rainbow, Etherscan, and Metamask, and he explains why he thinks projects such as these will serve as a new navigation path through all layers of the internet. Key learnings: Dicker envisions what he calls “Web 3.0,” a world in which social tokens, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and “creator DAOs” (decentralized autonomous organizations) will create new layers of digital value that will allow audiences to interact with each other, creators, and the content itself in new ways.
INK Videos Mar 15, 2022
Insiders buy as SNC Lavalin plugs into nuclear to help power growth INK preview 15 March 22
SNC-Lavalin Group (SNC) stock has been struggling over the past few years, but they are focusing on a new growth strategy that includes a bet on nuclear and renewables. Insiders are betting with the firm.