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Real Vision Jan 30, 2019
Turn up the Heat
Peter Boockvar, CIO of Bleakley Advisory Group, joins Real Vision to reveal his latest stock pick for 2019. He discusses the bull case for this natural gas-infrastructure provider, notes the company’s strong fundamentals, and considers how exactly to make the play, in this interview with Justine Underhill. Filmed on January 29, 2019.
INK Videos Oct 28, 2021
Insiders bet on Bausch Health as it sets to get smaller
We end our mini-series on the Canadian Healthcare sector by looking at large-cap Bausch Health (BHC) that is planning to get smaller by splitting into three.
INK Videos Mar 04, 2022
Insider selling mixes up the outlook for Nutrien INK daily preview March 4 2022
Today, we look at two different potash stocks, one with insider selling and one with none. Not surprisingly, the one where insiders are holding has a brighter INK Edge outlook.
Real Vision Jun 05, 2019
Why Invest in Dividend Growth Stocks?
David Bahnsen, CIO and managing partner at The Bahnsen Group, breaks down his thesis that within the context of equity markets over the past two decades, dividend growth stocks are an attractive investment today and for the next twenty years. Bahnsen discusses his preference for dividends over stock buybacks as a mechanism for corporations to return cash to shareholders, speaks to the difference between dividend growth and high-yield stocks, and provides advice on using dividend growth equity investing to hedge against inflation. Filmed on April 23, 2019 in New York.
INK Videos Feb 28, 2021
Exco Technologies is the top-ranked INK Dividend stock
INK Research has launched Stock Pockets, designed to allow investment advisors to incorporate top INK Edge-ranked stock names into portfolio sleeves. Today, INK looks at the top-ranked stock in the Dividend Pocket, Exco Technologies (XTC).
INK Videos Apr 01, 2022
Insider stocks jump in Q1 INK Preview 1 April 2022
The INK Canadian Insider Index was a top performer in the first quarter thanks to exposure to energy stocks. In terms of our morning report, we kick the second quarter off with copper producer Amerigo Resources (ARG).
INK Videos Oct 24, 2021
Canadian bank bullishness
Today, Ted Dixon visits our top-ranked Canadian bank stock and our top-ranked big bank in Canada. Given where both stocks land in our rankings, the bulls may have reason to be optimistic.
INK Videos Nov 30, 2021
Superior Gold shines in our Top Mining Report
Today, we head into the gold group to look at Superior Gold (SGI) that makes its debut in our Top Mining this month.
Real Vision Oct 05, 2020
David Rosenberg - In A Depression, Own What's Scarce
David Rosenberg, chief economist and strategist at Rosenberg Research Associates, sits down with Real Vision's Ed Harrison to discuss the case that the US and, more broadly, the world are in an economic depression. Rosenberg defines an economic depression as more than just a haircut on GDP, but a secular change in the attitudes in both the household and business sector. Together they address the risks to this thesis and dissect investment opportunities that arise in an environment that is scarce on both growth and yield. Filmed on September 30, 2020.
INK Videos Feb 16, 2022
DATA Communications Management returns to the Top 40 INK preview Feb 17 22
Today, we revisit a stock that has re-entered our monthly Top 40 list in February. Could cannabis in the United States be helping to boost this company's fortunes?
INK Videos Mar 17, 2022
CFO buys ahead of special dividend INK daily preview 17 March 2022
Today, we look at one of the top stocks in our March Top 40 Stock Report. The stock's rally has been helped by a special cash dividend announcement.
INK Videos Apr 03, 2022
Waiting for a gloomy dip to buy INK preview 4 April 22
As the US yield curve inverts, recession fears are likely to grow. That could provide an opportunity for investors who remain bullish on commodities.