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Real Vision Sep 25, 2014
Mark Hart - Master Class
In our Masterclass series, Corriente Advisors Principal, Mark Hart explains how he became one of the world's most successful hedge fund managers. Mark talks about his big home runs in subprime and European sovereign debt and explains his strategy towards the potential hard landing in China. Frank, open and full of insight - this Masterclass takes you inside one of the most brilliant minds in finance.
Real Vision Nov 09, 2018
Russell Clark on Two Troubled Sectors
Russell Clark of Horseman Capital has been building a short thesis on US shale oil and semiconductor stocks. He thinks that the decline in shale sand efficiency will be a force that drives the oil price higher and put downward pressure on the USD as future foreign investment diverts away from the US to alternative international opportunities. Filmed on October 11, 2018 in London.
Real Vision Oct 20, 2017
Peter Schiff – Gold and The Dollar – Part 3
Brent Johnson’s journey to understand the outlook for the dollar and gold concludes with an extended interview with gold market legend Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital. In this interview,Peter outlines the Fed’s contribution to global economic problems and suggests reflation in the next downturn will be impossible without causing a sovereign debt crisis. Filmed on October 11, 2017 in New York.
Real Vision Nov 15, 2018
Why Fruit Trademarks Matter
Does a surge in Chinese trademarks mean fruit could get a lot more tasty? Justine, Alex and Roger discuss how patents are transforming the apple industry and China’s shifting attitude towards intellectual property. Filmed on November 12, 2018.
Real Vision Jul 18, 2018
Predicting the Next Crisis
Jim Rickards, a renowned author and the chief global strategist at Meraglim, is now predicting another global financial crisis. He explains why, and in so doing, reviews the unusual origins of his predictive analytics tool. He also explores complexity theory and Bayesian statistics. Filmed on July 12, 2018 in New York.
Real Vision May 04, 2018
Confronting Tech's Titans: Meet the Professor Who's Schooling Wall Street on Silicon Valley
From accurately predicting the recent price action of Bitcoin to foreseeing Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods, Scott Galloway, NYU Stern Professor and author of "The Four," has proven to be one of Wall Street's most clairvoyant commentators. In this interview with Datatrek's Nicholas Colas, the two discuss which tech titan will topple Apple to become the world's most valuable company, what the future holds for social media and the dangers of cryptocurrencies. Filmed April 24, 2018 in New York City.
Real Vision Jul 20, 2018
Capitalizing on Tech-Enabled Transformations
In his much-anticipated return to Real Vision, Josh Wolfe, Lux Capital co-founder and managing director, speaks with Thiel Macro’s Michael Green about how 3D printing, virtual reality and the evolution of mathematical applications are bringing equality to the global economy. He explains that digital technology will soon transform the way in which trillions of dollars worth of physical goods are manufactured — and highlights how investors can capitalize as all these shifts occur. Filmed on June 5, 2018 in New York.
Real Vision Aug 20, 2018
Moral and Social Impacts of Financialization
Does prolonged misallocation eventually distort the moral and social fiber of political systems? In this third and final installment of their “Exchange” series, Grant Williams, Simon Mikhailovich and Dan Oliver tackle this controversial but compelling topic, drawing on historical anecdotes to make some uncomfortable comparisons with past periods of profligacy and excess. Filmed in on May 8, 2018 in New York.
Real Vision Feb 02, 2018
Jim Chanos
Jim Grant, the editor of Grant's Interest Rate Observer, sits down with famed fund manager and master short seller Jim Chanos of Kynikos Associates. They discuss the philosophy of shorting stocks, the best way to perform research, and the preferred methods for managing risk within a portfolio. They also discuss Mr. Chanos’s successful shorts on Enron, Valeant and others – as well as his current bets against Tesla and China. Filmed January 24th, 2018 in New York.
Real Vision May 25, 2018
Grant Williams in Conversation with William Strong
Grant travels to Fisher Island in Miami to meet a hugely experienced value investor who has seen the world change dramatically over the course of his career. Bill Strong explains how he manages to navigate an investment landscape with diametrically different conditions than those which prevailed when he began his time on Wall Street over 40 years ago. He also recounts his experiences in the Asian crisis of 1998 and the sub-prime crisis of 2008. Finally, he lays out what he thinks to be the biggest short opportunity he's ever seen. Filmed on May 3, 2018.
Real Vision Oct 30, 2017
The Fear of FANG Stocks
Jesse Felder takes a scalpel to the FANG stocks, breaking down - one by one - exactly what investors need to be concerned about. From question marks over their digital advertising model to declining sales and cash flow, Jesse asks when price insensitivity in the tech sector will finally flip. Filmed on October 20, 2017, in Oregon.
Real Vision Dec 13, 2018
The Fate of Waste, Nuts, Space & More
What do we know about the strange places we’ve been? Justine, Alex and Roger provide updates about the topics covered in the first season of "The Knock-on Effect," discussing the bright-red bugs behind the American aperitivo resurgence, the market potential for spicy hazelnuts, the march toward space privatization and why China’s waste ban is about to get way worse. Filmed on December 11, 2018.