Real Vision May 17, 2017
Episode Three – Classical Charting & Technical Analysis
In Episode 3 of Charting Masterclasses from a Trading Legend, Peter Brandt delves into the world of classical charting and technical analysis. Peter explains what charts can tell you and importantly, what they can’t, with a lesson on the major pattern formations he looks for and the crucial ability to spot false breakouts. There’s also a number of practical examples of how price trend action has followed chart patterns in some of the major commodity and foreign exchange markets.
Real Vision Jul 04, 2018
Consequences of a Divergent Fed
The central banks of Europe, Japan and the U.S. were converging their policy through 2017. Christophe Ollari of Ollari Consulting argues that this year’s change at the Federal Reserve marks a highly significant turning point. Not only is the Fed moving in an opposite direction of other central banks, but their policy goals also set them in opposition to the Trump administration. Filmed on June 26, 2018 in London.
Real Vision Jan 19, 2018
Grant Williams in Conversation with Hugh Hendry
In the second of his new flagship series, Grant Williams travels to Saint Barthélemy in the Caribbean for a conversation with the founder of Eclectica Asset Management, Hugh Hendry. In a revealing and at times deeply personal discussion, Hugh discusses the rise and fall of Eclectica and explains how his experiences reflect the problems facing the wider hedge fund industry. Hugh also offers his thoughts on the pitfalls of arrogance as well as the pressures that stem from being a free spirit in an increasingly constrained world.
Real Vision Jun 04, 2018
Beat the Downturn with Deep Value
Des Kinch of Overseas Asset Management is an advocate of deep value investing. Since he believes that valuations for bonds and U.S. equities are at extreme levels, Des has gone hunting for opportunities in Asia and Europe, where he searches for deeply discounted and often illiquid investments that could weather a downturn in global markets. Filmed on May 14, 2018 in Grand Cayman.
Real Vision Dec 08, 2017
Episode Five
What will the interactions among all the forces of social, political, and economic change mean for society going forward? Dee Smith puts the pieces together in the fifth and final episode of A World on the Brink, looking at what might be the ultimate causes of these changes and also exploring the crucial question of whether, and to what extent, the current systems and structures of the world will hold. Ultimately, the role of human nature and a look at history lend cause for both concern and for hope. https://www.realvision.com/world-brink-disclaimer/
Real Vision Feb 26, 2018
Zimbabwe: Opportunity & Risk in the Breadbasket of Africa
Zimbabwe has just been shaken by the ouster of its longtime president, Robert Mugabe, who held power in the country for nearly forty years. Now, John Legat, CEO and Lead Fund Manager of Imara Asset Management, brings us the story of political unrest and economic opportunity from on the ground in its capital city, Harare.
Real Vision Jul 16, 2018
The Mega-Trend Threats to Passive Investing
Niels Jensen, the CIO of Absolute Return Partners, outlines six mega-trends which he believes will devastate the performance of passive investing over the next decade. While the timing is difficult to predict, the trends are inevitabilities that will require significant tweaks to long term portfolio construction. Filmed April 19, 2018 in Twickenham, England.
Real Vision Jul 18, 2018
Predicting the Next Crisis
Jim Rickards, a renowned author and the chief global strategist at Meraglim, is now predicting another global financial crisis. He explains why, and in so doing, reviews the unusual origins of his predictive analytics tool. He also explores complexity theory and Bayesian statistics. Filmed on July 12, 2018 in New York.
Real Vision Jul 03, 2018
Powerful but Irrelevant Emotions
Master decision coach Denise Shull preaches the power of utilizing one’s emotions. But not every emotion is useful. Here, she provides advice on how to tell the difference.
Real Vision May 17, 2017
Episode One - A Life in Charts
Peter Brandt is a classical chartist and a trading legend, in the foreign exchange and futures markets since 1975. In this exclusive five-part series, Peter shares his knowledge and the lessons he has learned, to develop a framework to trade successfully with chart-based analysis. In Episode 1, Peter takes Raoul Pal through his fascinating life story, from how he discovered charts and the importance of risk management, to the mentality of markets and what they can teach you about yourself.
Real Vision May 21, 2018
Emerging Markets: From Vulnerability to Opportunity
At the beginning of 2017, Ed Misrahi of Ronit Capital was buying the Mexican peso in the aftermath of the U.S. election, when most investors were running the other way. The peso rallied aggressively in the first part of that year. Today, Ed still loves the long-term prospects across emerging markets, but sees excellent rewards from diversification and in leaving a little powder dry for better opportunities ahead. Filmed on May 3, 2018 in London.
Real Vision Aug 06, 2018
The Anatomy of Bubbles
Grant Williams, Simon Mikhailovich and Dan Oliver embark on a three part Exchange that dissects the recurring theme of capital misallocation, the financialization of economies and their social and political consequences. In this first part, they look at the anatomy of bubbles and highlight historical parallels going back thousands of years. The implications are all too familiar and suggest a dramatic outcome for the level of gold. Filmed on May 8, 2018 in New York.