Real Vision Apr 16, 2018
A Risky Turn in the Business Cycle
Lakshman Achuthan of ECRI joins Real Vision once again to provide an update on where we are in the business cycle. He provides his short-term forecast, and discusses the potential long-term implications. He delves into the causes of the “secular stagnation” the global economy appears to be experiencing. Finally, he explains what most economists tend to get wrong about recessions. Filmed on April 6, 2018 in New York.
Real Vision Feb 05, 2015
Marin Katusa - Interview
A mathematician turned resource investor, Marin Katusa sits with Grant Williams for an enlightening discussion on junior resource trading and commodities. Marin speaks on the emotional bias on resource trading, shale oil and copper in a deflationary future, and his book The Colder War on the developing geopolitics and energy issues surrounding Russia.
Real Vision Nov 17, 2014
Lakshman Achuthan
Co-Founder and COO of the Economic Cycle Research Institute, Lakshman Achuthan sits down for a discussion with Raoul Pal to explain how Business Cycles can be used to forecast asset prices.
Real Vision Mar 28, 2017
The Cost of Activism in Putin's Russia
The inspiring, emotional and tragic story of Bill Browder’s Hermitage Capital in Russia is perhaps the most powerful piece of film we’ve ever featured on Real Vision. After his world beating Hermitage fund was devastated by the Russian default, Bill Browder took on the oligarchs and won, in an epic tale straight from the pages of a spy novel. But as the Russian government turned on him, the story turned from corruption to tragedy. Filmed on February 1, 2017 in London.
Real Vision Sep 01, 2017
The Global View From Saudi
Omar Bassal heads asset management for family office turned global investor, Mohammed Alsubeaei & Sons Investment Company and he speaks with Jawad Mian about the long term themes on his horizon, as well as the economic and political factors surrounding a possible Saudi devaluation. Filmed on August 14, 2017, in Saudi Arabia.
Real Vision May 12, 2017
Oil - Supply and Demand
In Episode Two of ‘The Big Story’, supply and demand factors in the market are examined, in particular, whether the bulls can rely on global economic growth and the summer driving season to bring about the draws in inventories that would support prices. Raoul also gauges opinion on OPECs actions and the likely response from the shale producers, on the path to making a trade recommendation.
Real Vision Nov 06, 2015
Interview with Michael Parekh
Michael Parekh, tech investor and entrepreneur, engages Real Vision in an eye-opening discussion on the booming tech sector. In this interview, Michael addresses how the sky-high valuations of some tech companies act as a modern Gold Rush, examines how the big technology companies are diversifying their business models, compares the business strategies of market darlings Apple and Tesla, and shares his framework on assessing new tech investment opportunities.
Real Vision Mar 17, 2016
Interview with Greg Weldon
Greg Weldon, Founder & CEO of Weldon Financial, sits down for a wide-ranging interview discussing the Fed's policy and the implications of a rate hike cycle in a low growth environment, and presenting his outlook on the housing market, silver, and global debt.
Real Vision Aug 28, 2017
Risks and Rewards in MENA Markets
Khaled Abdel Majeed founded London based MENA Capital, which is one of the longest running Middle Eastern focused hedge funds and he has an enviable track record investing in these markets. Understand the pitfalls and rewards of investing in a region full of geopolitical risk and appreciate the relationship between oil and market valuations. Filmed on August 14, 2017, in London.
Real Vision Mar 20, 2019
Cycling into Slowdown
Lakshman Achuthan of ECRI returns to Real Vision following his April 2018 appearance, where he successfully predicted a slowdown in US growth. Achuthan looks ahead with his new forecast to analyze whether the global growth slowdown will continue, unpacking economic cycles in Asia, Europe, and the potential disconnect between economic cycles and financial markets. Filmed on March 13, 2019 in New York.
Real Vision Mar 07, 2016
Interview with Harry Dent
Harry Dent, Founder of Dent Research and Author of The Demographic Cliff, sits for a fascinating discussion on how demographics and consumption shifts drive economic cycles, why gold's reputation as a "crisis hedge" is misunderstood, and how he is hedging the major correction he expects in equity markets.
Real Vision Apr 18, 2016
Interview with John Wu
John Wu, angel investor and Chairman of FengHe Group, discusses his extraordinary journey from urban communist China to the software development floors of Yahoo! and Oracle, eventually joining Jack Ma as the CTO of an early Alibaba. John gives detail on the potential customer market in China, explains the high success rate of Chinese startups, and provides an outlook for external investors interested in China.