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Real Vision Sep 04, 2020
Marc Cohodes: When Megatrends Collide
Marc Cohodes is well known as a confident and vocal short-seller willing to fight harder and dig deeper into a company than anyone else in the business. But when he sees the buying opportunity of a lifetime, he’s just as willing to get to work on the long side and spread the good news. In this interview with Raoul Pal, Cohodes explains why the combination of a booming e-commerce business, the massive call option of tokenization, and the tZERO blockchain network have him extremely bullish on Overstock even after riding the stock from $3 to $90 in its most recent run. As well, they discuss Marc’s other “all in” call on Camping World, a company that, much like Overstock, has him licking his chops and continuing to buy alongside insiders who have not stepped out of the market in spite of the general frothiness that abounds. Cohodes also updates viewers on the personal and emotional rollercoaster that has been his MiMedx short. Filmed on September 1, 2020.
Real Vision Jul 13, 2020
Angrynomics: Twilight of the Technocrats
The neoliberal model of free trade, open borders, and liberalized capital flows is under assault. Traditional economic models with rational agents and efficient markets don't accord with reality, and people are starting to notice. Even recent advances in behavioral economics have failed to capture this disconnect. Mark Blyth, William R. Rhodes Professor of International Economics at Brown University, and Eric Lonergan, macro hedge fund manager at M&G Investments, explore and seek to resolve these conflicts in their new book, "Angrynomics." Blyth and Lonergan examine how the outsourcing of economic management to grey-suited bureaucrats is fomenting a populist backlash that is redrawing political battle lines and molding the destiny of different asset classes in ways few fully grasp. They analyze the recent largesse of central banks as a sort of asymmetric put-option which rewards those who hold assets and punishes those who don't. Blyth and Lonergan also explore potential solutions, which include dual interest rates, citizens' wealth fund, and - yes - even helicopter money. Filmed on July 8, 2020.
Real Vision Feb 18, 2019
Content is King
David Trainer, CEO of New Constructs, returns to Real Vision to lay out his bullish thesis on Disney. He highlights the issues facing Netflix and explains why he thinks Disney’s stock is poised for solid gains in the years to come, in this interview with Justine Underhill. Filmed on February 14, 2019.
Real Vision Apr 18, 2019
Full Steam Ahead for Royal Caribbean
Fahad Khalid, CIO of Jaguar Analytics, highlights one particular cruise company with growing pricing power: Royal Caribbean. Khalid analyzes the fundamentals, runs through the charts, and reviews how to make the play. Filmed on April 16, 2019 in Plymouth, Michigan.