#Gold Mining (TRBC level 5)

INK Videos Dec 13, 2021
Has Kinross set a spark under junior mining
Today, we pick up on a theme presented by Discovery Watch's John Kaiser. Is the takeover action in Ontario's Red Lake district just getting started?
INK Videos Aug 16, 2021
Wallbridge Mining climbs the wall of worry
Today, we look at Wallbridge Mining (WM) which was one of our top INK Edge up movers last week and is showing some positive short-term signals. That may also bode well for the entire gold group. If you are not an INK Research or Canadian Insider member, join us as we let the insiders guide up to opportunity through the fall of 2021!
Real Vision Oct 22, 2021
Gold Mine: Creating Value Through Entrepreneurship
Raising capital for small companies is a difficult and time-consuming process — legendary entrepreneur Ross Beaty, chairman of Equinox Gold, emphasizes the importance of having tenacity and adaptability to change strategy when things don’t pan out. From a lifelong journey of building up businesses and investing, he chats with his long-time friend and fellow investor Rick Rule, president and CEO of Rule Investment Media, to share the lessons Beaty learned in the energy and mining space. The pair examine the changing capital and scale requirements of companies today in a market where long-term value creation is of utmost importance. Filmed on October 6, 2021.
Real Vision Oct 12, 2021
Beyond Mere Valuation: Finding True Alpha in Underappreciated Megatrends
Ophir Gottlieb, CEO of Capital Market Laboratories, has a different framework than the traditional stock-picker. Rather than searching for underappreciated companies in established industries, Gottlieb finds technological megatrends that themselves are underappreciated and overlooked by institutional investors such as cloud computing, streaming, e-commerce, and Web 3.0. Gottlieb gives a deep-dive on cloud computing stocks Digital Ocean ($DOCN), a central cloud platform powered by community, and Nutanix Inc ($NTNX), a pure-play in hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI). Gottlieb discusses why he remains very bullish on streaming company Roku ($ROKU) even after its more than 1,100% rise. He argues that institutional investors can fall into “cognition traps” by ignoring secular tech trends, which gives tremendous opportunities to retail investors. Gottlieb also discusses how he puts on positions by buying stocks as well as options. Other companies discussed include PagerDuty Inc ($PD), Shopify Inc ($SHOP), NVIDIA Corporation ($NVDA), Applied Materials ($AMAT), and Jumia Technologies ($JMIA). Interviewed by Real Vision’s Jack Farley on October 6, 2021.
Real Vision Dec 01, 2021
Japan, Money Velocity, and the Case for Transitory Inflation
In a fascinating interview with Maggie Lake, Carraighill analyst David Higgins pushes back on persistent inflation believers and challenges conventional economic wisdom. Higgins cites historical examples like a credit scheme introduced by Japan after their early ‘90s economic crash and presents research that shows nations with high levels of national debt see a diminished positive correlation between money supply growth and inflation, to argue that inflation is not here to stay. “This is a very different environment to the 1970s,” says Higgins, who expects to see disinflation within the next year or so. Recorded on November 29, 2021.
INK Videos Nov 30, 2021
Superior Gold shines in our Top Mining Report
Today, we head into the gold group to look at Superior Gold (SGI) that makes its debut in our Top Mining this month.
INK Videos Jan 14, 2022
INK preview Jan 14 2022: Is the Fed driving investors back to gold miners?
Gold miners have gained some ground in our Top 40 list this month. This morning. we look at a junior miner that sneaked into the list at the number 40 spot.
INK Videos Aug 16, 2021
Contrarian alert: have Equinox shares hit rock bottom?
Today, we look at one of the top movers up the INK Edge rankings last week. Equinox Gold (EQX) may also be an opportunity for precious metals contrarians to consider.
INK Videos Dec 14, 2021
Has Kinross set a spark under junior mining?
INK Ultra Money Free - We pick up on a theme presented by Discovery Watch's John Kaiser. Is the takeover action in Ontario's Red Lake district just getting started? Join us today as we let the insiders guide to opportunities during tax loss selling season and beyond.
INK Videos May 20, 2021
INK Ultra Money Free: Are i-80 Gold insiders on the road to prosperity?
INK Research heads down the precious metals highway today to visit i-80 Gold (IAU). The stock jumped on news Wednesday and insiders have been buying. Let the insiders guy you to opportunity. Join us at INKResearch.com or via the Canadian Insider Ultra Club at CanadianInsider.com
INK Videos Sep 23, 2021
The i-80 Gold road to opportunity and outperformance
I-80 Gold (IAU) has jumped more than 25% since we first covered it in May. Ted Dixon explains what is driving the stock down the road to outperformance and reports that insiders are very much along for the ride.
INK Videos Oct 21, 2021
New Solstice Gold CEO buys at 52-week highs
Solstice Gold (SGC) has been diversifying its assets and, so far, investors seem to like the strategy. The stock has also caught our attention again.