Real Vision Oct 17, 2018
Piping Hot Trade
Will coffee continue its powerful move up from 10-year lows? David Martin, founder & CIO of Martin Fund Management, joins Real Vision for the first time to explain the recent price action. He reviews the key fundamental drivers, specific catalysts to watch and how to make the trade, in this interview with Brian Price. Filmed on October 15, 2018.
Real Vision Dec 06, 2018
More Profits in Puerto Rico
Gabriella Heffesse, chief operating officer at ACG Analytics, reviews and updates her successful bullish trade on the largest Puerto Rican bank, Banco Popular. She reviews the thesis, reflects upon this year’s price action, and unveils the current catalysts in this interview with Brian Price. Filmed on December 5, 2018.
Real Vision Nov 28, 2018
A Closer Look at Venezuela
Real Vision’s Brian Price sits down with Jay Newman and Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez for a follow-up to “Venezuela: State of Disaster.” Together, the journalist, the investor and the academic examine the factors that are enabling Nicolas Maduro to stay in power even as political developments in Latin America could trigger a new wave of conflicts. They gauge the potential for an outbreak of war on the Venezuelan-Colombian border, and discuss potential solutions to prevent additional bloodshed in the already crime-ravaged nation. Filmed on November 14, 2018 in New York.
INK Videos Sep 03, 2019
Insiders are still banking on BNS
September 3rd Morning INK Report on The Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS)
INK Videos Nov 22, 2019
Will this former Index dog have its day?
Gran Tierra Energy (GTE) was a dog of the INK Canadian Insider Index when it left on November 15th during the semi-annual rebalancing. It was removed because its price was too low. Now, INK Research wonders if this dog may have its day in 2020.
Real Vision Nov 14, 2018
Making Sense of China's Role in Latin America
Is China’s sphere of influence extending into Latin America? Dee Smith of the Strategic Insight Group, Elizabeth Economy of the Council on Foreign Relations and Christopher Sabatini of Columbia University outline the extent to which China is expanding its operations — and by so doing, courting both allies and pariahs of the United States. Should America view this as a direct threat, or is China simply extending the reach of its Belt and Road initiative in order to maintain essential raw material supply chains? Filmed on September 26, 2018 in New York.
Real Vision Dec 18, 2017
Venezuela's Demise Masks Untapped Riches
Russ Dallen of Caracas Capital Markets says that Venezuela is one of the richest countries in the world, but is unable to extract any of that wealth due to the Cuba-style communism imposed on a population of 31 million people. Russ questions whether there will be any opportunity in the future to benefit from some of the most valuable assets on earth. Filmed on December 7, 2017, in Miami.
Real Vision Feb 09, 2017
The Micro Structure of Oil Markets - Jonathan Goldberg
Having built his reputation trading oil with Goldman Sachs and Glencore, Jonathan Goldberg ventured into starting energy hedge fund firm BBL Commodities. In this interview with Jawad Mian, Jonathan delves into the micro structure of oil markets and explains his approach to trading the energy spectrum, while sharing insights into time horizons and position sizing, as well as new ways to think about investing in commodities. Filmed on January 24, 2017 in New York
Real Vision Nov 14, 2016
Asset Allocation Doesn’t Matter –The Rise of Robo Funds
Popular financial blogger and author Meb Faber is at the forefront of the robo-advisor revolution shaking up the financial advisory business, removing the historical associated costs of asset allocation and now adding a tactical component. In this interview, Meb’s research demonstrates that asset allocation doesn’t really matter anymore, in an index following, beta chasing industry, while giving his desert island picks for a diversified portfolio.
Real Vision Aug 26, 2016
Beyond Frontier Markets - Extreme Investing with Jim Rogers
Investing legend Jim Rogers sets out his own view of the investment landscape, seemingly breaking every rule in the book, as he identifies the opportunities beyond frontier markets that you certainly haven’t considered before, while closer to home, the prognosis for the US economy is a bear market and bankruptcy. Compelling viewing.
Real Vision Jun 07, 2019
A World Broken into Splinters
Have we just tipped into a new geopolitical era? That’s the case that Dee Smith, founder of the Strategic Insights Group, makes in this interview with Raoul Pal. Smith calls it the “Age of Splintering,” and says it is marked by venerated institutions coming under attack as the consensus around the existing economic paradigms collapses. Smith talks of a rise of nationalism, populism and mercantilism as this fragmentation increases. The consequences for the economy will be profound. Filmed on May 15, 2019 in New York.
Real Vision Jul 27, 2017
Passive Investing in a Tri Polar World
Jay Pelosky’s long career in investment banking has led him to focus on the benefits of ETFs and passive investing for the millennial generation. With more opportunities from Asia and Europe than the US, Jay is calling for regional deepening for the resurgence of the global economy from the slow growth, low returns environment he sees persisting and passive’s share of investing to grow significantly, encompassing major pension funds and sovereign wealth funds. Filmed on July 14, 2017, in New York.