Real Vision Aug 08, 2018
Banking on the Spread
Chris Whalen, Chairman of Whalen Global Advisors, joins Real Vision to discuss the U.S. banking system and the housing market. His deep dive into Q2 earnings reveals potential headwinds facing the biggest banks. In addition, Chris reviews how Federal Reserve policy affects net interest margin, and why smaller banks are poised for outsized growth. Filmed on August 2, 2018 in New York.
The Interview Jan 12, 2018
Rising Risks for Tech Giants
Fred Hickey, editor of The High Tech Strategist, provides his unique take on the state of the technology sector, in this conversation with Tommy Thornton. Cutting through the valuations quandary, Fred questions the price people are paying for Apple, spells out the overseas regulatory threats for Facebook and Google, and offers a reminder that pioneers are the ones that can end up with arrows in their backs. Filmed December 21st, 2017 in New Hampshire.
Real Vision Mar 25, 2016
Rick Rule - Master Class
In this fascinating episode of the Master Class series, Rick Rule, President & CEO of Sprott U.S. Holdings Inc., gives us insight into the career that led him to become CEO of one of the world's largest resource holding companies. Rick gives his outlook on the current resource market including oil and uranium, discusses contrarian opportunity in the current liquidation phase in commodities, and candidly discusses the lessons he learned from a cyclical industry downturn.
Real Vision Nov 17, 2017
Short Seller's Paradise
John Hempton of Bronte Capital, notable for uncovering fraudulent and dubious accounting practices in multi-billion market cap stocks, joins Real Vision for an extended interview to discuss his short selling framework and the opportunities he’s seeing in the market, which includes as many shorts as he wants, but very few longs. Filmed in Sydney on November 9, 2017.
Real Vision Nov 03, 2016
Bubble Spotter Sees Fed Balance Sheet at $10T in Dangerous Markets
Doug Noland has a long history in hedge funds, as a noted short seller, but is best known for his ability to spot bubbles. He wrote about the mortgage finance bubble in 2002 and called the government finance bubble in April 2009. In this Master Class, Doug outlines where the cracks will appear in the current excess, running right to the heart of the monetary system.
Real Vision Jul 20, 2018
Capitalizing on Tech-Enabled Transformations
In his much-anticipated return to Real Vision, Josh Wolfe, Lux Capital co-founder and managing director, speaks with Thiel Macro’s Michael Green about how 3D printing, virtual reality and the evolution of mathematical applications are bringing equality to the global economy. He explains that digital technology will soon transform the way in which trillions of dollars worth of physical goods are manufactured — and highlights how investors can capitalize as all these shifts occur. Filmed on June 5, 2018 in New York.
Real Vision Jun 16, 2017
Perpetual Success in Credit Markets - Joshua S Friedman
Real Vision was honored to secure a rare interview with the legendary Joshua S Friedman earlier this year and in this Master Class presentation, we revisit the storied career of the co-founder of the $20 billion plus Canyon Capital hedge fund. In this interview, conducted by David Salem of Windhorse Capital Management, Josh offers deep insight into the practice of building and running an enduringly successful money management firm, from his perspective as a pioneer of credit and distressed debt markets. Filmed on April 12, 2017, in New York.
Real Vision Dec 15, 2017
Grant Williams: In Conversation with Marc Cohodes
Real Vision's new flagship interview series premieres, as famed short seller Marc Cohodes joins Grant Williams for a candid and emotionally raw interview. In the first in a series of extended discussions with successful investors, Grant asks Marc about his short selection process, the difficulty of managing emotions when embroiled in a fight and his current battles with a series of companies he believes to be fraudulent. Marc offers a vicious takedown of biotech company MiMedx, and shares a gut-wrenching story of losing money during 2008, despite being perfectly positioned. Filmed November 21, 2017 in California.
Real Vision May 17, 2017
Episode One - A Life in Charts
Peter Brandt is a classical chartist and a trading legend, in the foreign exchange and futures markets since 1975. In this exclusive five-part series, Peter shares his knowledge and the lessons he has learned, to develop a framework to trade successfully with chart-based analysis. In Episode 1, Peter takes Raoul Pal through his fascinating life story, from how he discovered charts and the importance of risk management, to the mentality of markets and what they can teach you about yourself.
Real Vision Feb 21, 2017
Adapt to Deliver Joe Duran's Investing Life
Joe Duran’s journey from a childhood in Zimbabwe’s civil war, to growing United Capital to over $17 billion in assets, has given him a unique perspective on the future of the wealth management industry. In this Master Class interview, Joe’s epic personal story is entwined with his views on survival in an ever changing industry, with the central aim of helping his clients live rich. Filmed on February, 8, 2017 in Newport Beach.
Real Vision Aug 16, 2018
Following Warren Buffett’s Real Estate Play
Independent trader Jeremy Shoykhet is a high-conviction buyer of Seritage Growth Properties at current levels. In this interview with Brian Price, Shoykhet explains that a major loan from Berkshire Hathaway to Seritage will help shares of the REIT nearly double in the next year and a half. Filmed on August 15, 2018 in New York.
Real Vision Jul 20, 2018
Cutting Life Insurance Short
Jeremy Shoykhet of the Active Owners Fund is wary on the growth potential for several U.S. life insurance companies. Specifically, he’s troubled by Athene’s current business model, which revolves around an aggressive tax and capital structure. In this interview with Brian Price, Jeremy now says that Athene provides for a compelling short opportunity. Filmed on July 16, 2018.