INK Research Report Summaries

INK Videos May 24, 2022
Betting on resilience in a volatile market while shorts shorten their oil patch bets INK preview May
The Canadian market gets an unexpected upgrade as shorts flee the oil patch.
INK Videos May 20, 2022
No crying just buying at Cascades INK preview May 20 2022
While it has been a rough May for consumer products firm Cascades (CAS), insiders spot opportunity.
INK Videos May 19, 2022
Interfor insiders lumber through the selling storm who is winning the second war INK preview 18 May
Lumber insiders see the bullish forest for the bearish trees.
INK Videos May 18, 2022
Financials sector insiders are fighting the Fed while dip buying emerges in mining INK preview 18 May 22
Financials sector insider buying is surging. Could bond yields be next? Meanwhile, dip buying in base metals.
INK Videos May 17, 2022
Dip buying heats up INK preview 17 May 2022
A bullish signal for insiders in the Canadian oil patch just happened. We cover that and more dip buying in the Energy sector.
INK Videos May 16, 2022
Oil patch whale watching in stormy seas INK preview 16 May 2022
One whale selling and another whale buying as energy stocks get battered over recession fears. If you are an INK or Canadian Insider member, check out the Vivaville Discord server where you can find a free copy of this report under the video preview.
INK Videos May 13, 2022
Insider bets on Pine Cliff Energy start to pay dividends INK preview 13 May 2022
We end our voyage in search of dividend payers in the oil patch where a junior natural gas producer has just launched a monthly payout.
INK Videos May 12, 2022
Nexus Industrial REIT climbs the INK rankings INK preview 12 May 2022
We head back to the REIT space where we find another dividend payer high up in our INK Edge Rankings.
INK Videos May 11, 2022
Mullen Group trucks a hefty dividend INK Preview 11 May 2022
Mullen Group (MTL) recently boosted its dividend, despite driving through inflationary headwinds. The CEO reveals one of the reasons why the company was confident enough to boost its distribution.
INK Videos May 10, 2022
SmartCentres REIT a destination for dividend hunters INK preview 10 May 22
We continue our window shopping expedition for dividend payers with a stop at SmartCentres Real Estate Investment Trust (SRU.UN).
INK Videos May 09, 2022
Goodfellow is a top-ranked dividend payer INK preview 9 May 2022
Cannabis and dividend payers were on our mind in the Monday market report. We are taking it a step further focusing on dividend payers this week in the morning report and today we kick it off with Goodfellow (GDL).
INK Videos May 06, 2022
Insiders hang on as Home Capital Group shares slide INK preview 6 May 2022
We end off the week looking at reported insider selling at Home Capital Group (HCG).