INK Research Report Summaries

INK Videos Dec 09, 2021
Shorts win the Q3 round at Winpak
We revisit Winpak (WPK) where short bets have been paying off. Insiders are betting their luck is about to run out.
INK Videos Dec 08, 2021
Insiders buy as Brookfield builds a super brand
Brookfield Asset Management (BAM) has worked its way through the headwinds of early stages of the pandemic and now has bold ambitions to be a global asset management leader. Insiders are buying into the plan.
INK Videos Dec 07, 2021
Shorts bet against Morguard REIT
Today, we look at one of the most shorted names on the TSX, Morguard Real Estate Investment Trust (MRT.UN).
INK Videos Dec 06, 2021
VitalHub sees healthy insider buying
Healthcare stocks could begin to attract more investor attention as a place to hide while the Fed tapers and talks rate hikes. Health record and care management software supplier Vitalhub (VHI) could benefit from that. An insider was buying as Vitalhub rallied on the back of Q3 results announced November 15th.
INK Videos Dec 03, 2021
Contrarian alert for NanoXplore
We have our third contrarian alert for the week, this time at Basic Materials stock NanoXplore (GRA).
INK Videos Dec 02, 2021
Contrarian alert CFO bets that Parkland stock pessimism is overdone
Rising crude prices threatening margins and the BC floods of 2021 have worked to pressure sentiment towards Parkland (PKI). However, insiders seem upbeat about the stock's prospects.
INK Videos Dec 01, 2021
Contrarian alert for Bright Minds
Will lower bond yields help send Bright Minds Biosciences (DRUG) on a trip higher? The CEO seems to be betting the stock may have hit its lows.
INK Videos Nov 30, 2021
Superior Gold shines in our Top Mining Report
Today, we head into the gold group to look at Superior Gold (SGI) that makes its debut in our Top Mining this month.
INK Videos Nov 29, 2021
Crew charts a course in BC
With oil & gas shares taking it on the chin on Friday, it is a good time to revisit the Energy sector and our best-performing morning report stock year-to-date, Crew Energy (CR).
INK Videos Nov 26, 2021
Insiders buy as Canada Nickel stock regains momentum
Canada Nickel (CNC) has delivered some good news to shareholders this fall. Importantly, insiders are also buying.
INK Videos Nov 25, 2021
Director buys as Pan Global Resources stock regains momentum
Copper has held up well over the past month even as Fed tapering fears have grown. Today, we revisit Pan Global Resources (PGZ) which has advanced nicely since our spring report.
INK Videos Nov 24, 2021
Board chairman's position grows at AG Growth
Today, we head into the agriculture area where we see one of our favourite combinations: insider buying and rising cash flow.