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Real Vision Jun 25, 2021
Raoul Pal: Preparing for the Exponential Age Amid Inflationary Pressure
Real Vision senior editor Ash Bennington welcomes Raoul Pal to the Daily Briefing to discuss his thoughts on inflation, the strength of the dollar, and winners in an exponential age. The pair will cover potential explanations for flattened personal spending as continued supply constraints push prices higher. Additionally, they will dive into the companies positioned to succeed in an era that emphasizes network effects.
INK Videos Apr 23, 2021
INK Ultra Money Free: Meet the insiders who are going to produce psychedelic films
After getting a taste of the cannabis market, drug maker IntelGenx (IGX) has decided to give psychedelics a try. The firm has just got a deal with a high-profile German company and insiders are buying. Join us today as we ride with the insiders to find opportunities in these puzzling markets. Become a member of the Canadian Insider Club or subscribe to our premium service at INKResearch.com.
Real Vision Jul 02, 2021
Equities Surge as U.S. Jobs Increase Beats Expectations
Real Vision senior editor Ash Bennington welcomes editor Jack Farley and Mark Ritchie II, CIO at RTM Capital Advisors, to discuss the June jobs report and capital markets price action. The trio covers the strong increase in U.S. jobs and its effects on underlying markets. Bennington and Farley analyze the rise in both bonds and stocks as positive employment data boost investor confidence. Ritchie provides his insight into the equity markets and the potential rotation back into tech.
INK Videos May 01, 2021
Insiders buy as VersaBank's VCAD is Ethereum bound
VersaBank (VB) is on the verge of potentially disrupting retail banking with its VCAD stablecoin. Even if investors have yet to catch on to this potential game-changing development, insiders are betting that the bank is on to something.
Real Vision May 28, 2021
Raoul Pal: Update on Crypto Markets and the Macro Outlook
Real Vision senior editor Ash Bennington welcomes Raoul Pal, CEO and co-founder of Real Vision, to discuss his macro outlook, inflation, and crypto markets. Pal will be sharing his observations of the crypto selloff from last week and taking questions from the audience about his current market thinking. In observance of Memorial Day in the US this coming Monday, May 31st, there will be no Daily Briefing airing.
Real Vision May 07, 2021
Raoul Pal: Is Macro "Dead"?
Managing editor Ed Harrison welcomes Raoul Pal, Real Vision CEO and co-founder, to introduce Real Vision’s latest campaign, “Welcome to the Exponential Age.” Raoul will be going in-depth on his new macro framework, the Exponential Age, and he and Ed tease their interview that’s being released on Monday. They also contextualize today’s U.S. jobs report, which fell far from economists’ expectations, and Raoul explains what the Exponential Age means for employment going forward.
Real Vision Jun 11, 2021
Raoul Pal: Examining Shifts in the Global Macro Policy Paradigm
Real Vision managing editor Ed Harrison welcomes Raoul Pal, CEO and co-founder of Real Vision, to the Daily Briefing to discuss the changes in the macro policy paradigm globally. Pal will be analyzing the impact these shifts will have economically, whether global macro investments can still perform in light of these shifts, and whether crypto ultimately benefits in the aftermath. He will also be unveiling the legendary headline guest at the upcoming Festival of Learning (June 23-25). Don't have your ticket yet? You can get it through this link:http://realvision.com/festival-of-learning-2021
Real Vision Jun 18, 2021
Raoul Pal: The Dollar is the King
Real Vision senior editor Ash Bennington welcomes Raoul Pal, CEO and co-founder of Real Vision, to explore recent price action of the key macro variable--the dollar--and its impact on markets. In light of the DXY breaking to the upside in the past couple days, Pal provides an update on his macro outlook and where the inflation narrative fits into his perspective.
INK Videos Jul 09, 2021
INK Ultra Money Free: When to sell
Knowing when to sell a position is always a key issue facing investors. Today, Ted Dixon, CEO of INK Research, explains how the INK Edge outlook can be used to help make well-informed sell or exposure reduction positions. If you are not already a member, join us today as we let the insiders guide us to opportunity and away from danger. Check out our Litecoin special on CanadianInsider.com for a special rate (subject to change).
Real Vision May 21, 2021
Rocky Roads: Geopolitics, Crypto & the Future of Electric Vehicles
Real Vision senior editor Ash Bennington hosts managing editor Ed Harrison and editor Jack Farley to make sense of an action-packed week. They interpret the bullish PMIs coming from Europe and the U.S., the latest news from the credit markets, and a crypto market trying to regain its footing. They also discuss what the new electric Ford F-150 means for electric vehicle companies, and how the brewing tensions between China and Taiwan might impact financial markets. Join Raoul Pal and Hugh Hendry as they wrap up Real Vision’s Exponential Age series on Friday at 5.30pm ET, with a special live conversation hosted by Ash Bennington : https://rvtv.io/3yoBApc
Real Vision Jul 09, 2021
Equities Surge as the U.S. Bond Rally Relents
The 8-day rally in U.S. Treasury bonds finally breaks as global equities take back much of yesterday’s sell-off. Real Vision’s Ash Bennington, Weston Nakamura, and Jack Farley analyze today’s price action, as well as how the surge in job openings surge in the U.S. is reshaping dynamics in the American labor market. Lastly, Weston shares his thinking on correlations between U.S. bond yields and price swings in $AMC and other meme stocks.
Real Vision Jul 23, 2021
Raoul Pal & Julian Brigden: Diving into the Macro
Along with Real Vision senior editor Ash Bennington, Real Vision CEO and co-founder Raoul Pal welcomes Julian Brigden, co-founder of MI2 Partners, for his Real Vision Daily Briefing debut. As a special edition of the Daily Briefing, Pal and Brigden will be diving deep into their respective frameworks, discussing the differences in how they’re seeing the macro picture as well as rallying around where they are aligned.