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Real Vision Dec 30, 2019
Look Back at It (2019)
In the last episode of the year, Drew takes a look back at the most important themes we covered on "The One Thing," from investment process to trade war.
Real Vision Dec 16, 2019
The Problem with Passive: Part II
What happens to financial markets when passive strategies become the norm? This week, Drew breaks down the conversation between Mike Green and Raoul Pal to understand how massive that passive strategies are.
Real Vision Dec 23, 2019
Good Transitions
Does the movement to green energy require further investment in fossil fuel technologies? This week, Drew breaks Rob West’s recent presentation to see where the energy industry is headed over the next 30 years.
INK Videos Dec 17, 2019
Aurora Cannabis stock unlikely to enjoy new highs soon
INK Research Morning Report Dec. 17, 2019: While INK Research has a short-term bullish reading for Canadian cannabis stocks as a group, based on INK Edge rankings grower Aurora Cannabis (ACB) could lag the pack.
INK Videos Mar 21, 2020
INK Ultra Money Free: BMO director buys big
There is more insider buying in Canadian bank stocks. INK's March 18th morning report highlights a big buy from a seasoned insider who knows a thing or two about risk and assesses if this means we are close to a bottom.
Real Vision Dec 12, 2019
Golden Opportunities from "Midas"
Dr. Thomas Kaplan argues that the macro and micro stars are aligning for a golden opportunity in gold over the next five years. Drew breaks down Kaplan’s conversation with Dan Tapiero to dig up a few nuggets of wisdom.
INK Videos Nov 28, 2019
Beyond gold: Hedging geopolitical risk with critical metals
Insiders at NioCorp Developments (NB) are betting on the company's Elk Creek critical metals project in Nebraska. Should Elk Creek make it into production, it could become a strategic American asset. INK Research explains how this could provide investors with another way beyond gold to hedge geopolitical risks.
INK Videos Feb 28, 2020
Ringing the Bell at BCE
The political clouds are rolling in over BCE (BCE) stock. INK Research explains why investors should take note in this video summary of a report that was distributed to INK subscribers and Canadian Insider Club members on February 24th.
INK Videos Feb 20, 2020
A helping hand for Bluestone to climb the financing wall of worry
Here is the video summary of the INK morning report distributed to INK subscribers and Canadian Insider Club members on February 3rd. Gold and silver miner Bluestone Resources (BSR) received a boost from a familiar name in the mining industry. Now it looks set to climb the Lassonde mine life value curve.
Real Vision Sep 10, 2020
The Dollar Endgame
Keith Dicker, founder and CIO of IceCap Asset Management, joins Real Vision to give a strategic overview of the U.S. Dollar. Dicker breaks down the Eurodollar system to analyze the pressures on non-dollar currencies: negative rates, extreme debt borrowings, and government deficits spiraling out of control. Dicker takes a look at what is in store for the Turkish Lira as well as other emerging market currencies and discusses the fate of the DXY currencies as well. Dicker then provides a guidepost for how investors can position themselves to take advantage of asymmetric opportunities. Filmed on September 8, 2020. For additional charts from Dicker's long dollar fund (which he co-manages with Brent Johnson), click here: http://icecapassetmanagement.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/2020.05.21-Special-Presentation-Santiago-IceCap.pdf
INK Videos Jan 21, 2020
Three reasons for contrarians to consider Aecon Group
Aecon Group (ARE) stock failed at a breakout attempt last year. INK Research takes a look at some positive signals that might appeal to contrarians.
INK Videos Jan 16, 2020
Azimut Exploration's James Bay Day INK Morning Report Jan 15 2020
Azimut Exploration (AZM) stock soared on Tuesday on the back of encouraging maiden drilling results from its Elmer project in James Bay, Quebec. Will 2020 be the region's year?