Daily Briefing - July 23, 2020

Managing editor, Ed Harrison, joins Real Vision’s Tyler Neville to break down his ideas around secular stagnating markets, demographics, and pensions. Tyler discusses how mega corporations are no longer playing to win, but playing to not lose and how the Fed’s monetary policies, especially in response to the pandemic, entrenches calcified companies, rendering the zombification effect. Ed and Tyler also examine how markets no longer reward innovative ideas with capital, but rather have converted into a debt refinancing mechanism and encourages a rentier market. They wrap their discussion by exploring how lack of funding will push pensions to go risk-on, whether Tesla can be likened to Amazon, and what may be coming to markets next. In the intro, Nick Correa shares the state of Kentucky recently filed lawsuit against Blackstone and KKR and how this highlights the extreme weaknesses and woes of the pensions industry at large.