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Real Vision Jun 30, 2022
The Fed Has Chosen Its Horn
Jerome Powell reiterated the Federal Reserve’s steadfast commitment to raising interest rates and shrinking its balance sheet. But investors are increasingly skeptical the central bank can stay the course in the face of a slowing economy. Hari Krishnan, the head of volatility strategies at SCT Capital Management, joins Real Vision’s Ash Bennington to talk about the Scylla of inflation, the Charybdis of recession, and the possibility the Fed has no way out of this dilemma. Krishnan notes that there are critical time-lag differentials between Fed actions to control inflation and Fed actions to stimulate growth. And that makes a sharper economic downturn more likely, even with a pause in the Fed’s tightening program, as fed funds futures markets are currently signaling. Recorded on June 27, 2022.
Jun 22, 2022
Do All Tech Bubbles Behave the Same?
Adam Dell sees a disconnect between retail investors and the basic technology that’s powering Bitcoin, DeFi, and Web3. Dell, a venture capitalist and the CEO of Domain Money, has set out to build a platform for easy access to emerging technologies, including blockchain, crypto, and everything growing around it, through professionally managed portfolios. He joins Real Vision’s Ash Bennington for a probing conversation about blockchain’s maturity cycle, the rapid evolution of the blockchain developer community, and the validity of comparisons to the early internet age of the 1990s. How great is crypto’s potential to revolutionize everything? Dell also weighs in on a framework for digital asset regulation. Recorded on June 14, 2022.
Jun 18, 2022
Consensus 2022: Historic Volatility, Institutional Adoption, and Web3's Utility
Despite a significant pullback in asset prices, lingering fallout from the Terra LUNA/UST meltdown, platform freezes, company layoffs, and the exposure of multiple NFT scams – all of this against the backdrop of slowing economic growth – an urgent optimism continues to power the people working in crypto. Real Vision’s road team was on the ground at Consensus 2022 in Austin, Texas, talking to serious players in the space — from traders and research analysts to founders and CEOs — about “crypto winter,” regulation and the timeline for institutional adoption, and the utility of Web3. Recorded June 9-12, 2022.
Real Vision Jun 17, 2022
Things Are Even Tougher All Over
Stocks held modest gains ahead of Friday’s close, but it’s a fraught rally to close the worst week for the S&P 500 since March 2020. Weston Nakamura joins Ash Bennington at the top of today’s show to talk about the Bank of Japan’s decision to stick with its “yield curve control” efforts, even as the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank accelerate their monetary tightening efforts. Fed Chair Jerome Powell underscored the priority today: “My colleagues and I are acutely focused on returning inflation to our 2% objective.” Ash welcomes Michael Gayed, CIO and portfolio manager at Toroso Investments, to assess the bigger picture after a tough week for equities and fixed income. We also hear from Mark Ritchie about debt, interest rates, and how bad things could get. Want to submit questions? Drop them right here on the Exchange: Watch the full Real Visionaries interview featuring Mark Ritchie II and Mark Ritchie here:
Real Vision Jun 13, 2022
We Have a Bear Market. Is a Recession Next?
“I'm genuinely spooked,” Jared Dillian tweeted late Sunday night, as Asian markets opened sharply lower and U.S. equity futures pointed to a bleak Monday open on Wall Street, “and I don't spook easily.” Two hours shy of the close, every stock in the S&P 500 is down for the day, and that index is in “official” bear market territory. The yield on the two-year U.S. Treasury note has surged past the 10-year, a dramatic inversion that’ll surely fuel talk of recession. Dillian, the editor of The Daily Dirtnap, is not waiting around to position for that eventuality and a bear market too: “70% of my portfolio is gold and bonds.” Dillian joins Real Vision’s Ash Bennington to talk about today’s price action. And our expert on the ground in Asia, Weston Nakamura, drops in for an update on a critical aspect of the global financial system ahead of this week’s Federal Open Market Committee meeting. We also share a segment from today’s Cryptoverse Breaking News about the crashing crypto market. Want to submit questions? Drop them right here on the Exchange: Watch the full Cryptoverse Breaking News segment here:
Real Vision Jun 13, 2022
Tales From the Trading Desk
Dave Floyd describes himself as someone whose “temperament and personality is still wired toward short-term price movements.” In other words, he’s a trader. Floyd, the founder of Aspen Trading Group, joins Jared Dillian, the editor of The Daily Dirtnap, to explain what that title means to him. Dave and Jared swap tales from trading desks of the mid-1990s through the 2000s, sharing lessons along the way about specializing in certain asset classes, establishing discipline, and developing a mentality of success. Recorded on June 8, 2022.
Real Vision Jun 08, 2022
Have You Heard About the Yen?
U.S. equities slipped deeper into the red as the trading day progressed, after European stocks closed lower ahead of tomorrow’s interest-rate decision by the European Central Bank. Meanwhile, the Japanese yen has hit a fresh 20-year low against the dollar, a potentially contagious development for the global financial system. Real Vision’s expert on the ground in Asia, Weston Nakamura, joins Ash Bennington at the top of today’s show to talk about the consequences for global markets of the yen’s historic weakness. And Darius Dale is here to talk about recent price action and market risks. “We’ll see new highs on yields if inflation misbehaves Friday,” says Dale, founder and CEO of 42 Macro. We also hear from Santiago Velez on a crypto regulation bill introduced in the U.S. Senate. Want to submit questions? Drop them right here on the Exchange: Watch the full Crypto Unwrapped episode featuring Santiago Velez, Ash Bennington, and Nico Brugge here:
Jun 08, 2022
The Tools One Analyst Will Use to Spot Crypto's Next Big Move
With the Federal Reserve shrinking its balance sheet and hiking interest rates, investors in all markets – including crypto – must deal with the reality of reduced liquidity. Dean Carr, founder of C The Light Trading, sees “no reason to be long anything weak,” but he’s looking for volume to bounce back and prices to recover some ground before jumping back in. Carr joins Real Vision’s Ash Bennington to talk about key technical levels that can help us understand price action in the crypto market. When it comes to Bitcoin, for example, clearing $32,500 to the upside would be a sign of renewed momentum; downside risk is “the $20,000 to $22,000 area.” Dean walks Ash through technical profiles of Ethereum and other altcoins on his watch list, with an emphasis on relative strength, and shares his thoughts on when the recovery will begin and how high prices will go when it happens. Recorded on June 6, 2022
Real Vision Jun 07, 2022
Why There Are Only "Less Bad" Outcomes
Europe is headed for recession, according to Christophe Ollari, as the consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in the aftermath of a global pandemic reverberate across the continent. In conversation with Real Vision’s Maggie Lake, Ollari, founder of Ollari Consulting, explains why the U.S. might avoid recession but suffer stagflation instead. And he traces the Federal Reserve’s policy mistakes back to the Global Financial Crisis, comparing the present post-Covid environment to the period that made extraordinary monetary measures commonplace and noting that the central bank’s plan is to hike interest rates until something breaks. China’s “zero Covid” posture, Russia’s weaponization of food and energy supplies, and the potential for global famine also factor into his analysis. Amid rising instability, Ollari sees no alternative to the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Recorded on June 1, 2022.
Real Vision Jun 06, 2022
Is It a Bear-Market Bounce or a New Bull Run?
The Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S&P 500, and the Nasdaq Composite were all well in the green deep into Monday’s trading session. “An oversold bounce is underway for the major indices in welcome relief from the downside momentum that characterized the preceding 7-8 weeks,” notes Katie Stockton, founder and managing partner at Fairlead Strategies. “We are viewing the oversold bounce as likely to present a selling opportunity.” Stockton joins Real Vision’s Maggie Lake to talk about technical analysis and her bullish short-term and bearish long-term views on stocks. We also hear from Imran Lakha about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and recent price action in the crypto market. Want to submit questions? Drop them right here on the Exchange: Watch the full conversation featuring Imran Lakha and Ash Bennington here: To view Katie's charts click here:
INK Videos Jun 06, 2022
INK Preview June 6th 2022 Defensive areas are tough places to hide
This week, we will keep an eye out on the Healthcare sector to see if any names pop up on our INK Edge screens. Meanwhile, we kick the week off with a big Technology stock where we have seen some insider buying.
Jun 06, 2022
Metalink Wants To Secure the Future of NFT Communities
Jake Udell’s decades-long career in music, marketing, and activation is built on bringing together community and culture. Now, the founder and CEO of Metalink is building a hub for NFT communities to communicate effectively, a comprehensive space for NFT owners to connect, view their collection and get access to Alpha via a real-time transaction feed. Channels are token-gated, so proof of ownership of an NFT or a social token is required to access the content. That’s a solid step toward preventing fraud and fostering a positive space for NFT owners. Udell joins Real Vision’s Ash Bennington for a thoughtful discussion about the evolution of technology, adoption curves, and the future of the metaverse. Recorded on June 1, 2022.