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Real Vision Apr 16, 2021
The Exponential Age: Crypto's Fast and Furious Rise
Raoul Pal returns in his role as the founder of Global Macro Investor to update Real Vision members on the exponentially large role crypto is playing within his macro framework. Raoul argues that crypto is a "black hole" that is sucking in all of the world's talent and value at a speed that no one can comprehend and that its capacity to generate phenomenal returns for investors is not temporary but rather part of a durable long-term trend that is at the vanguard of what he calls "The Exponential Age." Raoul contends that since central banks have suppressed the volatility of currencies and interest rates, large "macro" on heavy swings in these variables no longer offer the opportunity they once did and that it is in the world of crypto where these outsized returns can be found. Filmed on April 10, 2021. Key learnings: Raoul sees the migration of value to the digital world as an exponential trend that offers opportunities for investment return that are no longer possible in traditional capital markets
INK Videos Apr 16, 2021
Air Canada shareholders are flying through cloudy skies
The government has bailed out Air Canada along with its stock-option holding executives. Does the rescue plan make the stock a good investment candidate? INK addresses that question in today's report.
Real Vision Apr 15, 2021
Scott Burg: Identifying Opportunities and Risks in Structured Credit
Scott Burg, CIO and managing partner at Deer Park Road, is among the most seasoned and disciplined investors in the structured credit space who joins Real Vision managing editor Ed Harrison for a conversation to break down the complex financial market within fixed income investing. Following the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), structured credit has carried a stigma among certain investors of being unduly risky. There have since been significant regulatory and other changes to the structured credit asset class that have helped improve investor protection and rendered the market more attractive. Filmed April 13, 2020. Key Learnings: In the age of Covid-19, Burg is bullish on structured products like residential real estate, aircrafts and franchises. Elsewhere though, there are problems, particularly in commercial real estate where Wall Street never skipped a beat in pumping out product post-GFC and where lending standards were loose, especially after 2012. The result is a plethora of opportunities on both the long and short side due to motivated pension fund and bank sellers. In the coming months and years, there is expected to be more opportunities, due to likely distress in hotels, office and retail.
INK Videos Apr 15, 2021
Meet the insiders who are going to produce psychedelic films
After getting a taste of the cannabis market, drug maker IntelGenx has decided to give psychedelics a try. The firm has just got a deal with a high-profile German company and insiders are buying.
INK Videos Apr 14, 2021
INK Ultra Money Free: Insiders buy the Obsidian pullback
Contrarian Alert! Contrarian candidates are getting harder to find after the year-long oil patch rally. INK Research looks at Obsidian Energy (OBE) which may be a name for contrarians to consider. Get the insider news first. Join us as an subscriber or club member.
Real Vision Apr 14, 2021
Inflation Fake Outs, Oil Update, and Entrenched Interests as a Play on Fiscal
Warren Pies, founder of 3Fourteen Research, returns to Real Vision to discuss why he thinks inflation fears are perhaps pre-mature but that fiscal stimulus and the corresponding household net worth will play out in consumer spending and inflation around two quarters out. Even if we get inflation, Pies argues that inflation will have to be a lot higher for longer before it affects Fed policy. The mixed signals being sent from crude oil also factor in as a red flag for inflation because rising crude oil prices are a leading indicator of inflation. Warren is still positive on the reopening but believes many of the reopening stocks have repriced accordingly. He likes "entrenched interests" that already have deep ties to Washington D.C. to play increased fiscal. Filmed on April 12, 2021. Key Learnings: Outlooks for higher inflation and crude oil prices are potentially pre-mature. The reopening is going strong but reopening assets have repriced accordingly. Entrenched interests with deep histories of doing business with the federal government are Warren’s play on increased fiscal spending.
INK Videos Apr 13, 2021
Blockchain Foundry bets on building a better blockchain
As US cryptocurrency exchange giant Coinbase (COIN) makes its NASDAQ debut Wednesday, investors are likely going to hear a lot about bitcoin. However, altcoins have been the big return drivers so far this year. Today, INK Research reviews Blockchain Foundry (BCFN) which is betting big on they Syscoin network.
Real Vision Apr 13, 2021
Inflation, Stock Options and Crypto Derivatives in a Vol-Suppressed World
Imran Lakha of Options Insight joins Real Vision’s Jack Farley to make sense of a market that is becoming calmer day-by-day as measured by implied as well as historical volatility. They discuss the halting of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine distribution as well the release of the latest data on the Consumer Price Index, which, at a yearly change 2.6%, exceeded economist expectations of 2.5%. Lakha defines key terms and shares the mechanics of key options strategies such as collars (also known as “risk reversals” or “risk-ies”), straddles, and stock replacement. Lastly, Lakha shares tales from the burgeoning world of crypto derivatives, describing the rare “call skew” in Bitcoin and Ethereum, and explains why he, a two-decade veteran of the volatility markets, sees it as a tremendous opportunity. Lakha can be found on Twitter @options_insight.
INK Videos Apr 13, 2021
INK Ultra Money Free: Insiders with influence
Short squeeze alert! Social media influencers are now a big business item. INK Research explains why short sellers could get squeezed as they target this Vancouver company which is helping influencers make the most out of the opportunities available on platforms like YouTube. Join us today as we let the insiders, guide us to opportunity.
Real Vision Apr 13, 2021
Dan Suzuki: A Regime Shift in the Investment Cycle
Dan Suzuki, Deputy CIO at Richard Bernstein Advisors LLC, joins Real Vision managing editor Ed Harrison for a deep dive re-evaluation of portfolio asset allocations as the global economy is poised to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic economic shutdown. Suzuki suggests that what worked in the last decade – growth over value, U.S. exposure over international, large cap stocks over small cap, and investing in tech dominated companies – may not work in the coming cycle, and such allocations need to be rotated. Filmed April 7, 2021. Key Learnings: Coming out of the economic shutdowns, the market is starting to price in a much faster tightening cycle than the Fed is considering, spurring the need to re-analyze portfolio allocations. A suggested portfolio rotation includes more international exposure over U.S., small cap over large cap and mega cap companies, and a smaller allocation to technology and high-growth sectors.
INK Videos Apr 12, 2021
Contrarian alert: Insiders buy the Obsidian pullback
For contrarian investors hunting for opportunity in the oil patch, candidates are getting harder to find after the year-long rally. Today, INK Research looks at Obsidian Energy (OBE) which may be a name for contrarians to consider.
Real Vision Apr 12, 2021
Jens Nordvig: The Death of Fixed Income
Danish-born economist Jens Nordvig, founder of Exante Data, a data and analytics firm for institutional investors that specializes in foreign exchange markets and macroeconomic policy, joins Real Vision co-founder and CEO Raoul Pal for a deep-dive conversation on the global economic outlook; the impact of the vaccine rollout on the U.S., Europe and emerging markets; and the likelihood of multi-year fiscal stimulus. Nordvig sees monetary policy frameworks evolving in ways that are unfriendly toward bonds, like Average Inflation Targeting (AIT), causing a fundamental rethinking among investors for owning fixed income assets. Filmed April 7, 2020. Key Learnings: A multi-decade bull market in fixed income lasted longer than many expected due to negative interest rate policy, and the COVID shock made central banks across the globe max out monetary policy. Interest rates are currently unattractive to many kinds of investors, and the economic outlook is such that risk assets look attractive, including cryptocurrency. Follow @jnordvig @ExanteData. Visit Exante Data (