Policy Disruption

This starting point leaves no stone unturned in attempting to spot unrecognized political and policy developments that could not only shape markets, but also entire countries and regions. A great starting point for macro and political enthusiasts.

Real Vision Jul 28, 2021
Bitcoin Is Eating the World
In this timely and in-depth discussion brought to viewers by this year's Crypto Gathering event, Peter McCormack, host of What Bitcoin Did, welcomes Nic Carter, partner of Castle Island Ventures, and Jack Mallers, founder and CEO of Strike, to dive into the macro framework for Bitcoin's adoption and shortcomings of its energy critiques. Carter and Mallers both believe that Bitcoin's global and inclusive qualities make it the most effective monetary network for conducting international business. Combined with weakening sovereign currencies, Bitcoin is poised to provide stability and convenience for cash finality without credit risk. Furthermore, the trio argues that the traditional and outdated banking system was already facing scrutiny for problems that Bitcoin can solve. Filmed during the Crypto Gathering 2021.
Real Vision Jul 27, 2021
Navigating Nations: The Emerging Markets Megatrend
To showcase the wonderful line-up from this year's Festival of Learning, Real Vision presents this interview of Raoul Pal, co-founder and CEO of Real Vision, and Brent Johnson, CEO of Santiago Capital, discussing emerging market investing and navigating different markets. When dissecting certain nations, Johnson and Pal share their personal anecdotes to lead into the reasons of potential investment in different emerging markets. Pal mentions that emerging markets become exceedingly volatile when they are in a trend, which makes them extremely attractive, and Johnson believes the best emerging markets are not "pleasing to the eye." Filmed during the Festival of Learning 2021.
Jul 27, 2021
SEC v. Ripple: Explained
Brad Mills, host of the Magic Internet Money Podcast, interviews seasoned attorneys Donna Redel, CEO and founder of Strategic 50, and Joe Carlasare, partner at SmithAmundsen LLC and co-chair of The Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and FinTech Group, to discuss the developing lawsuit against Ripple and what it means more broadly for crypto. Charged with conducting $1.3 billion worth of unregistered securities offerings, Ripple has been accused of operating much like a corrupt central bank as their executives are suspected of liquidating huge sums into XRP rallies, upwards of $400 million in some cases. But, will the SEC have legal grounds to classify XRP as a security, and what will it mean for the rest of the space? Redel and Carlasare walk viewers through all this and touch on the regulatory environment as a whole to give an idea of where regulation is headed. Filmed on July 20, 2021.
Jul 26, 2021
Bringing Traditional Games Into the Metaverse
Creator of the first video game ever produced in the Philippines, Gabby Dizon, co-founder and CEO of Yield Guild Games, is now recruiting traditional game developers to adopt tokenized economies. Joined by Piers Kicks, a member of the investment team at Bitkraft, Dizon gives viewers a rundown on the process by which Yield Guild is tokenizing existing gaming economies and the incentives this creates for both gamers and developers. Axie Infinity, a game which incorporates a proprietary currency and NFTs, is one of YGG's most successful partners, experiencing tremendous success in the growth of their network. The "play-to-earn" model, yielding some Axie Infinity players close to $1000 per month, is especially effective in the Philippines where starting wages are around $200 a month. Filmed on July 12, 2021.
Real Vision Jul 26, 2021
Cathie Wood: Creative Disruption and the Sectors It Will Devastate
13D Research & Strategy founder and CEO Kiril Sokoloff welcomes long-time friend and the world’s greatest innovation investor in public markets Cathie Wood, founder and CEO of ARK Investment Management LLC. Drawing on her professional and personal life experiences, Wood shares how they have shaped her perspective on the rapidly evolving exponential trends that will disrupt the investment landscape—and sooner than many expect. She projects that transformative innovation will lift the market cap in publicly-traded companies focused in these technologies from $14 trillion to $75 trillion in the next five to ten years, which threatens to make nearly half of the companies in the S&P 500 obsolete. As well, Sokoloff and Wood explore the challenges posed to the asset management industry as it has been slow to adjust to the high-speed pace of this technological change. Taking into account the Fed’s ongoing dovish policy stance, the movement of bond yields, and the shift to a consumption of services, Wood also unpacks her insights into the cyclical deflationary set-up she sees unfolding. Filmed on July 13, 2021.
Real Vision Jul 23, 2021
King Street's Brian Higgins: Investing in High-Yield Distressed Debt
Brain Higgins is the co-founder and managing director of King Street Capital, one of the largest and most successful distressed debt hedge funds with $20 billion in assets under management. Higgins and King Street Capital have yet to have a losing year since its founding in 1995 despite the cyclical fluctuations of the economy. He joins Real Vision CEO and co-founder Raoul Pal to discuss high yield investments in distressed companies, the classical view of distressed investing, and the future of the industry with respect to increased central bank intervention. Filmed on July 19, 2021.
Jul 22, 2021
Erik Voorhees: The Case for the Decentralization of Business and Money
The separation of church and state was a revolutionary idea—Erik Voorhees, CEO of ShapeShift, and Eric Kryski, CEO and co-founder of Bidali, discuss whether it’s now time to separate money from state as well. Voorhees and Kryski discuss the origins of and new developments taking place at ShapeShift. Criticizing the infrastructure we have around our traditional human resources departments and arguing that they impoverish many of the people they advocate for, Voorhees makes the case for decentralization in many facets of life and the economy. He then applies this principle to money itself—in order to achieve a truly just society, a small, centralized group ought not possess a monopoly on currency. Filmed on July 15, 2021.
Jul 21, 2021
The State of Ethereum: A Deep Dive
Ethereum was created to be more than Bitcoin—Christine Kim, research associate at CoinDesk, discusses the many challenges faced and projects undertaken in attaining this goal. The adoption of DeFi has exploded in the last year, and Ethereum has benefited by being the only game in town. Although, as more chains come online and ETH gas prices soar, Ethereum is trying to adapt. Amidst many exciting yet challenging developments surrounding Ethereum, Christine Kim is a valuable resource to anyone interested in keeping up to date. She discusses a range of topics including EIP 1559, the shift to Proof-of-Stake, the "statelessness" dilemma, and much more. Interviewed by Ash Bennington on July 13, 2021.
Real Vision Jul 20, 2021
Daniel Lacalle: Inflation's Endgame
Alfonso Peccatiello, author of The Macro Compass, welcomes Daniel Lacalle, chief economist at Tressis, to discuss inflation and, more importantly, strategies to protect investors from eroding purchasing power. The pair analyzes inflation occurring in both the Eurozone and the United States, and Lacalle notes that real wages have suffered before the pandemic and continue to suffer from the increased stimulus. To protect one’s hard-earned savings, Lacalle argues that a portfolio should include gold, cryptocurrencies, and equities in secular growth sectors. Additionally, he and Peccatiello dive into the benefits and drawbacks of central banks implementing digital currencies. Filmed on July 13, 2021.
Real Vision Jul 19, 2021
Macro Investing: Playing the Hand You Are Dealt
Colin Lancaster, Global Head of Discretionary Macro/Fixed Income at Schonfeld Strategic Advisors, sits down with Real Vision CEO and co-founder Raoul Pal to discuss experiences leading macro firms and risk management methods in an economy with heavy government intervention. The pair believes that COVID-19 and subsequent central bank intervention have pushed macro investors into equities, a previously non-traditional macro instrument. Lancaster shares his experiences developing and training traders in methods that diversify risk-taking for the firm. He also discusses the macro appeal for crypto, citing its volatile nature and potential to be a safe asset class in the long-run. Filmed on July 15, 2021.
Real Vision Jul 16, 2021
Understanding China's Crackdown: The Didi IPO Fiasco
For those looking to avoid paying for expensive American tech companies, Jason Hsu, founder & CIO of Rayliant Global Advisors, believes that the negative sentiment toward Chinese ADRs will open the door for other opportunities. Larry McDonald, founder of The Bear Traps Report, welcomes Hsu to share his insights into regulatory risk against Chinese tech stocks and methods to approach investing in these companies. He dives into the differences between the IPO process in China versus the U.S. in light of Chinese regulation against companies such as Didi and Ant Financial. To combat the effects of Covid, Hsu explains the PBOC’s sentiment towards monetary policy and the effectiveness of its actions. Filmed on July 11, 2021.
Jul 14, 2021
Mad Dog Jones: The Exploding NFT Art Scene
A revolution is underway for digital artists, and Michah Dowbak, NFT artist known as Mad Dog Jones, is at the heart of it, having sold over $18.8 million in artwork. On day three of After the Hype: Reality Sets in for NFTs, Sergio Silva, NFT collector and sales director of Fireblocks, discusses with Dowbak the exploding NFT art scene. While he was able to make a decent living as a professional digital artist, Dowbak’s work, like that of most digital artists, was contracted by larger corporations who then owned the rights to his work. NFTs threw a wrench in this business model. For the first time, digital artists experienced ownership and sovereignty, free to sell pieces at arm’s length to a buyer. A pioneer of the space, Mad Dog is building a community and introducing his “redemption” release style. He and Silva also go in-depth on the rapidly developing communities forming along with new artists and the endless possibilities in the future of NFTs. Filmed on July 6, 2021.