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INK Videos Jan 20, 2022
A reunion with hard assets: INK preview Jan 20 2022
As investors reunite with precious metals, it seems fitting to highlight South America focused Reunion Gold (RGD.V) where mining veteran David Fennell has been buying.
INK Videos Jan 19, 2022
VersaBank Believers: INK preview Jan 19 2022
Investors have been shunning growth stocks, and that may be providing VersaBank (VB) stock with some headwinds. But are investors overlooking some potential positive catalysts at the Canadian online banking pioneer?
INK Videos Jan 18, 2022
INK preview Jan 18 2022 Dreary days for alternative medicine stocks
For speculators who are contrarians looking for opportunity, over the past month our INK Edge rankings for cannabis and psychedelic stocks have been discouraging. But could there now be a glimmer of sun?
INK Videos Jan 17, 2022
INK preview Jan 17, 2022: Tesla gives Talon Metals a charge
Nickel prices and related mining stocks got a boost last week on the back of some big news featuring EV giant Tesla and a little-known miner focused on Minnesota.
INK Videos Jan 14, 2022
INK preview Jan 14 2022: Is the Fed driving investors back to gold miners?
Gold miners have gained some ground in our Top 40 list this month. This morning. we look at a junior miner that sneaked into the list at the number 40 spot.
INK Videos Jan 12, 2022
A contrarian insider EV play hits our screens: INK daily preview Jan 13 22
NanoXplore (GRA) has both G and D-economy characteristics. It is also a contrarian play that offers exposure to battery innovation.
INK Videos Jan 12, 2022
Mario Draghi was not in the house: INK daily preview Jan 12
As we conclude in our US market report, we probably won't be going back to the old monetary policy garage. If that is the case and if we have hit peak Fed hawkishness, precious metals could rally. In today's morning report, we look at one PGE-focused stock that has been hitting our screens.
INK Videos Jan 11, 2022
INK Research daily preview Jan 11 2021: Bitcoin, bullion and i-80 Gold
Bitcoin has been having a rough time of it lately, but yesterday's price action offered some encouraging news. Meanwhile, will gold finally go on a voyage higher? Insiders at i-80 Gold (IAU) certainly appear ready for trip into a bull market.
INK Videos Jan 10, 2022
INK daily preview January 10 2022: Short sellers bet against the oil rally and an auto value stock
Short sellers are in focus as we start off the week. They are betting against the oil patch and a value stock focused on the real economy. Really?
INK Videos Dec 19, 2021
Weekly Feature: Insiders buy the Discovery Silver dip
Our weekly Globe and Mail feature was based on our December 14th morning report that featured Discovery Silver (DSV). In the report, we also give our take on the outlook for precious metals mining in Q1 2022. Don't wait for the weekend. Join us today as we let the insiders guide us to opportunity.
INK Videos Dec 17, 2021
Contrarian alert: Linamar CEO insider commitment in high gear
We end our video summary year coverage with auto parts and advanced manufacturing company Linamar (LNR). The stock has a culture of strong insider commitment and that is on full display again today. This is our last scheduled morning report video summary for 2021.
INK Videos Dec 16, 2021
Keith Neumeyer buys as First Mining Gold sinks
We return to First Mining Gold (FF) which made a 52-week low Wednesday. Are investors overlooking some possible tailwinds for the stock?