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Real Vision Sep 23, 2020
Reinventing the Monetary System with Decentralized Finance
Alex Saunders, CEO and founder of Nugget’s News, joins Real Vision CEO, Raoul Pal, to explain the reinvention of the monetary system through new crypto payments systems based on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and stable coins. He tells Raoul the story of his introduction into the crypto world. Saunders also breaks down the expansion of global e-commerce through the explosive growth of decentralized finance. Filmed on September 15, 2020.
Real Vision Sep 21, 2020
Has Everything Changed? with Raoul Pal
Real Vision CEO and co-founder, Raoul Pal, kicks off an exciting two weeks of content by explaining why we are endeavoring to answer the ultimate question, “has everything changed?” As well, Pal switches hats into his role as head of GMI to update viewers on his "unfolding" thesis and his own view on the question, “has everything changed?” He argues that the insolvency phase is being signaled by banks, BBB equities, and bond yields while tech stocks are stubbornly stuck in the hope phase, which has morphed into a dangerous speculation phase. He also runs through his outlook for the roster of major global asset classes and explains why he thinks Bitcoin is “the world’s best trade.” Filmed on September 17, 2020.
INK Videos Sep 20, 2020
Jose Vizquerra bets on the O3 Mining growth story
With overall insider gold stock sentiment more or less flat, investors will probably need to look to stock selection if they hope to achieve above average gains over the next few months. Today, INK Research looks at a Quebec junior that just released a preliminary economic assessment for a project that could be the start of a multi-mine growth story.
INK Videos Sep 17, 2020
CEO plugs his cash into net zero nickel mining
Junior nickel miners have attracted a lot of attention after Elon Musk's summer challenge to provide more nickel for Tesla batteries. However, investors should probably be looking to see what insiders are doing as nickel miners rally on the back of Tesla dreams. Today, INK revisits Canada Nickel (CNC) where CEO Mark Selby has been adding to his holdings during both share price strength and weakness.
INK Videos Sep 15, 2020
Boutique Abitibi miner builds out from cash flow
Today, INK Research looks at a boutique mining company in Quebec that has two gold projects on the go. It also has some silver-zinc assets that it can exploit to take advantage of a potential revival in global growth.
Real Vision Sep 14, 2020
Peter Borish's Top Advice for Traders
Peter Borish, president of Computer Trading Corporation and long-time partner of Paul Tudor Jones, sits down with former Point72 head performance coach, Dr. Gio Valiante, to get at the heart of what it takes to not only succeed in the business of trading, but to thrive and excel. Since his storied early career successfully calling and the profiting from the 1987 crash and trading alongside PTJ, Borish has flourished mentoring and developing new trading talent. Together these extremely successful coaches put forward their lists of the top traits and behaviors that keep popping in the best traders they work with. Borish also comments on the importance of philanthropy and his own work with Robin Hood and argues that in these unprecedented times, quants and computers are in for a rude awakening as massive paradigm shifts have thrown decades of macro data and back testing out the window. Filmed on September 10, 2020.
INK Videos Sep 13, 2020
Will Pieridae Energy jump on geopolitics?
Could geopolitics help lift this natural gas stock out of its recent consolidation range? INK Research takes a look at how insiders are betting.
Real Vision Sep 11, 2020
Turkish Lira: A Recipe for Disaster?
Michael Nicoletos, CIO and co-founder of Appletree Capital, is joined by John Floyd, head of macro strategies at Record Currency Management, to analyze the mounting pressures on the Turkish Lira as well as other emerging market (EM) currencies. Floyd breaks down his bearish thesis on the Turkish Lira (TRY), citing Turkey's deeply negative real rates, dwindling FX reserves, and a banking sector deeply indebted to foreign creditors on a dollar- or euro-denominated basis. Floyd and Nicoletos then discuss the knock-on effects of a Turkish Lira collapse as so many European banks (especially Spanish ones) are heavily exposed to Turkey. Lastly, Floyd shares with Nicoletos the various trades to express this view. Filmed on September 9, 2020. For John Floyd's report, click here:
Real Vision Sep 10, 2020
The Dollar Endgame
Keith Dicker, founder and CIO of IceCap Asset Management, joins Real Vision to give a strategic overview of the U.S. Dollar. Dicker breaks down the Eurodollar system to analyze the pressures on non-dollar currencies: negative rates, extreme debt borrowings, and government deficits spiraling out of control. Dicker takes a look at what is in store for the Turkish Lira as well as other emerging market currencies and discusses the fate of the DXY currencies as well. Dicker then provides a guidepost for how investors can position themselves to take advantage of asymmetric opportunities. Filmed on September 8, 2020. For additional charts from Dicker's long dollar fund (which he co-manages with Brent Johnson), click here:
Real Vision Sep 08, 2020
Banking on Bitcoin
Alexander Leishman, founder and CEO of River Financial, joins Real Vision to break down his venture,, and his perspective on the crypto space. Leishman talks about the problems that River solves for investors as the first bitcoin financial institution. He explains the complex world of bitcoin banking services including the coming technical innovations, the diverse set of clientele crypto banking can serve, and the future adoption of crypto by the corporate world. Additionally, Leishman shares his thesis for the future of bitcoin itself, arguing that if bitcoin continues on its current trajectory, it could replace the US Dollar as the world reserve currency. Filmed August 25, 2020.
INK Videos Sep 03, 2020
NioBay Metals shows its mettle as markets melt
In the Thursday market selloff, technology stocks led the way. Some mining stocks, however, outperformed. Today, INK Research looks at a micro-cap junior miner focused on industrial metals that saw its stock close flat yesterday. Moreover, insiders have been buying over the past few months as the share price appears to be consolidating.
Real Vision Sep 02, 2020
How Will Urban Decline Affect Real Estate?
Nick Halaris, president of Metros Capital, returns to Real Vision for an update on the conversation on real estate he shared in May 2020. He breaks down why real estate as an overall asset class has had a bifurcated and, in some ways, surprising response to the COVID-19 pandemic. He explains why the different sectors of retail, office space, hotels, and housing had distinct reactions to the pandemic based on geography, macroeconomic trends, and demographics. Finally, he shares his thoughts on the “death of cities” narrative that has become a major point of debate in media. He argues that the narrative from both sides is exaggerated and lacks nuance as big real estate investors have placed large bets on a rebound in urban living, and smaller urban areas are benefiting from the possibly temporary exodus from megacities like New York and Los Angeles. Filmed August 31, 2020.