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Our framework for the current environment: D versus G

Roger Hirst who is a regular on the Real Vision Daily Briefing makes the case for having a robust framework to assess markets in wake of COVID-19. We were working on such a framework before COVID-19 hit North America's shores. In January, we were getting increasingly worried that the US would slip into depression unless the Federal Reserve succeeded at convincing investors that it would succeed at reviving inflation to help service debt loads. That led us to think about policy failure versus policy success.

INK Morning Report May 25, 2020

We expect to be publishing the video summary of the May 25th morning report later today. For those looking for the full report, please find it attached to this article.

Will it be the D or G economy?

In the March INK Top 20 Gold report, we tackle a big question facing all investors that we believe will help determine the shape of markets for months if not years to come. The issue is whether policymakers will take steps to halt falling inflation expectations. The media will frame the issue in terms of stimulus for the economy. Investors will need to assess government action in terms of its potential impact on inflation expectations. Because we believe the question about the impact on inflation will be critical to assess in the days ahead, we are publishing our comments from the gold report here to make sure that all our Ultra subscribers get a chance to see our thoughts. Click here to read the full article>>

Welcome to INK Ultra Money

A special welcome to first-time visitors to INK Ultra Money and new subscribers. The Ultra Money website is organized primarily by topic. We have some high-level starting points that categorize videos by stock ideas, investing strategy, policy disruption and innovation.

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Introducing Ultra Money

Welcome to INK Research's Ultra Money, a video on-demand service that we hope will shake up the Canadian investing landscape. We are starting the service with videos from two subscription-driven video producers. Our lead content is from Real Vision (the “Netflix of Finance”), a video on-demand platform for finance where the world’s smartest investors share their best ideas. Supporting content is from INK Research which focuses primarily on Canadian stock ideas. Take a look around the site and send us your feedback