INK Videos Oct 15, 2021
ValOre Metals finds a sunny spot
Today, INK Research goes digging for a precious metals mining stock that has both recent insider buying and a sunny INK Edge outlook.
Real Vision Oct 19, 2021
Uranium Prices Surging Higher as Bitcoin Futures ETF Makes Debut
After languishing for a decade, uranium prices are finally rising, which is now, in part, being driven up by enthusiastic, individual traders. Tony Greer of TG Macro joins to discuss how this resurgence of interest for the commodity will play out for the energy sector in light of also rising oil and natural gas prices. Greer also examines the price action of the newly launched ProShares Bitcoin ETF, which saw a 3% jump in its trading debut. Interviewed by Ash Bennington. Want to submit questions? Drop them right here on the Exchange: https://rvtv.io/3C23QiY
INK Videos Sep 22, 2021
Uranium Royalty powers higher
Uranium Royalty (URC) has been showing up on the INK platform recently with some bullish signals.
INK Videos Sep 27, 2021
The clouds roll in at Global Atomic on the back of insider selling
As the uranium group emerges as a potential growth opportunity, we are keeping a close eye on our INK Edge outlook rankings for stocks in the group. For example, we have seen a change in the weather at Global Atomic (GLO), last featured here on September 7th.