217198232 - 1_fj78gn7r - PID 1851201 Hi Ted Dixon here with your INK daily preview for Friday January 14th. We are working to get our top 40 report out today and once again I can tell you it s dominated by oil & gas stocks. However, gold miners are starting gain some ground in the list. So in today’s morning report we focusing on the junior miner that snuck into the list at number 40, Endurance Gold. After a lacklustre trading summer, the share price has been in rally mode over the past three months, advancing 86.6%. More recently, drilling released on January 12th returned 15.7 grams per tonne gold over 24.8 metres. The company indicated that additional results and drilling are required to provide confidence on the estimated true width. Now, I am personally long this stock, but not in a life-changing size. And I should add that we disclose if any INK employee holds a position in a highlighted morning report stock in the report. We do not normally do that here, so always check the reports if you are interested. In response to the Wednesday drilling news, the stock made a 52-week high of 45 cents and retested that level Thursday but failed to move higher. More assay results from the project are pending and we will have to see if they are able to help the stock keep its momentum. We are not geologists, so we are unable to comment on the meaningfulness of the drilling results at least from the perspective of resource economics. Nevertheless, we are encouraged that after months of unimpressive share price action, the stock has come alive again. Perhaps investors are rediscovering the gold mining group as the risks of a Federal Reserve policy error appear to be growing as they seek to tighten financial conditions to get a handle on inflation. Well that is all for today and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @INKResearch or subscribe to our Canadian Insider YouTube channel to stay up to date on our daily previews. I hope to see you again Monday as we let the insiders guide us to opportunity in 2022. This is not a recommendation to buy or sell securities and nothing in this video or in INK reports should be considered financial advice information is for educational purposes INK employees may hold an interest in any stock mentioned in our videos or in our reports..