243988013 - 1_e8qq2khy - PID 1851201 Hi I’m Ted Dixon with INK preview for Wednesday April 6th: The Canadian-American oil patch divide and when will gold start to work? In our US market report today, we write that American oil patch insider sentiment has plunged. Our US Energy Indicator is now slightly below 20% at which point there 5 stocks with key insider selling in the sector for every one with buying. This is in contrast to Canadian Energy Indicator which remains above 80%. The differences are even more stark in the exploration and production area. However, even in the US there are some gy stocks that are hitting our screens and we list three of them in the report. For Canadian insider club members who do not have direct access to the US market report, you can find a copy under this video on INK Ultra Money. In our morning report, we turn to the gold area where we revisit Allegiant Gold which has just announced a strategic investment by Kinross. Meanwhile, a question on the minds of some gold investors is when will gold start to work? We get a brilliant answer from Mish Schneider who returned to the Real Vision Daily Briefing Tuesday. And here’s a spoiler alert, gold already is working. [Ted] Well, that is all for today. And, I hope to see you again tomorrow as we let the insiders guide us to opportunity. This is not a recommendation to buy or sell securities and nothing in this video or in INK reports should be considered financial advice information is for educational purposes INK employees may hold an interest in any stock mentioned in our videos or in our reports.