Vivaville will bridge the divide between digital and traditional assets using the Solana network. The project focuses on building applications that provide the tools and incentives to share knowledge in a way that can give community members an edge over the algorithms and players that enjoy structural advantages in traditional finance.

Initially, the project is led by the team at INK Research which has close to 20 years of building financial applications in a web 2.0 environment. Eventually, the project will be driven by our community, governed by a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Ultimately, the community's culture, design, and features will be determined by its members. Our starting point is below. Join us via our socials or INK Chat #Viva_roadmap to help shape Vivaville's future.

Four corners of Vivaville

1. Viva NFTs

Vivaville NFTs (Non-Fungible Token) will drive the exchange of value between real asset creators and market participants. There are three core uses for participants in the real asset economy:

  1. Raising awareness for a project: Move beyond websites and IR promotions and provide people with a visual representation of the vision behind your project.
  2. Provide access to real life events such as CEO AMAs or presentations.
  3. Place claims on real or potential cash flow streams from your project into an NFT to reach a whole new audience while cutting out royalty middlemen.

For real asset related collections, we will employ a registration process for both creators and buyers in order to promote integrity and address suitability.

2. Viva University

To be revealed.

3. Viva Rewards

To be revealed.

4. Viva DEX

To be revealed.